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Commercial Success of Restasis Does Not Support Finding of Non-Obviousness Because Blocking Patents Suppressed Competition from

Following a bench trial, the court found that plaintiff's ophthalmic drug patents were invalid as obvious and found that plaintiff's evidence of commercial success and long-felt need were insufficient secondary considerations of nonobviousness ...

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World Health Summit: Failing Business Models In AMR And Vaccination from

BERLIN -- With antimicrobial resistance (AMR) on the rise worldwide there is no time to lose for developing new antibiotic drugs, experts said during one of the last panels of this year’s World Health Summit ...

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“WTO Must Not Be The Odd One Out” – Members Revive Talks On GIs, Genetic Resources from

Members of a 2008 World Trade Organization coalition are trying to rekindle a negotiation to provide the same level of protection granted to wines and spirits to other geographical indications, and to grant intellectual property ...

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CCIA Report: Digital Music Industry Sees Strong Revenue Growth, Creativity, Choice from

A technology association-backed report released this week shows strong growth in revenues for the music industry over the past 5 to 10 years, driven by digital music. The data counters the current European copyright reform ...

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post image Recommendation on measures to safeguard fundamental rights and the open internet in the framework of the EU copyright reform from

Further to the release of the European Commission’s Proposal for a Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, the discussion has focused on a number of aspects. The proposal to remedy the so ...

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post image AIPPI Congress Report 11: What's the (technical) problem? from

Said every alleged infringer everywhere...The identification of the technical problem is an important aspect of European patent practice.  In this panel discussion on the final day of the AIPPI World Congress in Sydney, practitioners ...

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post image AIPPI Congress Report 10: Digital Health from

The AmeriKat facing her own digit-al health 
issues...In an invigorating panel discussion featuring experts from Australia, the US and Japan, the fourth and final pharma session of the AIPPI World Congress explored the IP ...

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Abstract Ideas: The Turnstile Keeps Spinning from

by Dennis Crouch Smart Sys. Innovations v. Chicago Transit Authority (Fed. Cir. 2017) In a split opinion, the Federal Circuit has affirmed the district court’s judgment on the pleadings – R. 12(c) – that the ...

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Presenting at Braintree Business Incubator on IP Law for Business and Entrepreneurs – November 15, 2017. from

PATENTLY GOOD IDEAS: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW FOR ENTREPRENEURS Every business has intellectual property (IP), in one form or another. Protecting IP is important, but it can also be expensive. With startups especially, every dollar matters ...

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post image Are Patents Monopolies? It Depends on the Relevant Century from

Guest Post by Charles Duan of Public Knowledge The question of whether patents are monopolies is one of ongoing debate. But an important aspect of that debate is the correct meaning of the word “monopoly ...

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CAFC affirms ITC in Cisco/Arista matter from

From the case

Cisco argues that inferring is a form of detection, and therefore Arista’s products infringe. The Commission, however, had before it evidence that showed that the accused functionality, ProcMgr, has no access ...

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Judge Linn's dissent in Smart Systems; asserting majority engaging in "reductionist exercise" from

Judge Linn's dissent in Smart Systems begins:

The court once again concludes that the judicially crafted “abstract idea” exception to patent eligibility now renders invalid the asserted claims of four U.S. patents covering ...

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Post-Verdict Ongoing Infringement Justifies Enhanced Damages Despite Interim PTAB Decision of Unpatentability from

Following a jury trial, appeal, and retrial, the court granted in part plaintiff's motion for enhanced damages and enhanced the jury's verdict by 50% because defendant's lack of a good faith belief ...

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Financial Times to "the Patent Troll Narrative" -- Much Ado About Nothing from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- Yesterday, the Financial Times (London) published an article by Rana Foroohar entitled "Big Tech vs. Big Pharma: the battle over US patent protection." If the article can be encapsulated in a ...

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