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Affinity II: Who Has the Burden for Alice Step II? from

by Dennis Crouch A few days ago I wrote about the Federal Circuit decision in Affinity Labs. v. DirecTV  affirming that Affinity’s U.S. Patent No. 8,688,085 claims an ineligible abstract idea ...

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PTAB’s Finding of No Corresponding Structure Does Not Alter Court’s Earlier Finding of No Indefiniteness from

The court granted plaintiff's cross-motion for summary judgment that its electromagnetic radiation testing patent was not invalid because the PTAB's findings during inter partes review did not provide a basis for the court ...

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FDA Approves Amjevita -- Amgen's HUMIRA® Biosimilar from

By Andrew Williams -- On Friday, the FDA approved Amgen's application to market Amjevita (adalimumab-atto), a biosimilar to AbbVie's HUMIRA (adalimumab) fully human anti-TNF-α antibody. This marks the fourth biosimilar approved by the FDA ...

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Conference & CLE Calendar from

September 29, 2016 - IP & Diagnostics Symposium (Biotechnology Innovation Organization) - Alexandria, VA September 29, 2016 - "Patent Inventorship: Best Practices for Determination and Correction -- Distinguishing Between Inventor and Contributor; Navigating Joint Inventorship, Disclosure of Ownership, and Real ...

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post image ChIPs Global Summit Report 4: Facebook, Apple and the DoJ discuss the tension between privacy and security from

The privacy v security panel ready for a robust
On the evening of the first day of the ChIPs Global Summit, the AmeriKat surrounded herself with some more inspiring women, in the form of ...

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post image ChIPs Global Summit Report 3: Congratulations - your patent has been allowed, when is it finally final? from

Problems, problems everywhere,but
where is the solution for the dual-track system?
The problem of a dual track system was the final session the AmeriKat attended before lunch on the first day of the ChIPs ...

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Traditional equitable defenses do not apply to IPR proceedings from

Husky Injection Molding v. Athena Automation (Fed. Cir. 2016) Referring to the headline. The PTAB (acting on behalf of the PTO Director) held that traditional equitable defenses do not apply to IPR proceedings.  Because this ...

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September 25, 2016: Last Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood. Jane Pauley named replacement. from

The beginning of the special episode Celebrating Charlie included a sun with a bowtie. A different edition of Sunday morning. Last day of hosting. Black suit, white shirt. First up, Rita Braver tells Charlie: Relax ...

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Supreme Court Case of the Week: Encino Motorcars v. Navarro from

I was recently listening to an oral argument of a Federal Circuit case that was argued in August where one of the parties brought up ENCINO MOTORCARS, LLC v. Navarro, No. 15-415 (U.S. June ...

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WIPO Traditional Knowledge: Text Passes Committee Approval, Goes To Next Session from

World Intellectual Property Organization delegates today agreed on a text compiling divergent views on how traditional knowledge should be protected in the intellectual property system to be forwarded to the next session of its committee ...

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CETA To Be Signed (Again) During EU-Canada Summit In Mid-October from

European Union trade ministers at an informal meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia today agreed on the final steps to enact CETA, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada and the EU. There will be no ...

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Accenture upsets blockchain believers with patent filing from

Consulting giant Accenture has rattled the cage of the fintech community by filing a patent for an “editable” blockchain that would allow a central administrator to edit or delete information stored in a permissioned blockchain ...

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Nature discusses recent events in the CRISPR patent battle from

Obviousness in patent law is measured relevant to a person having ordinary skill in the art (sometimes designated PHOSITA). The CRISPR patent battles will, in part, turn on the level of skill.

Nature wrote of ...

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Clean Tech in Court: Green Patent Complaint Update from

A number of new green patent infringement complaints were filed in July and August in the areas of advanced batteries, biofuels, LEDs, and electric motors.   Advanced Batteries Dynavair LLC v. AMS USA, Inc.; Dynavair v ...

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