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post image Registration of a trademark license: the result of the CJEU is reasonable, but what about the Court's reasoning? from

In the best of circumstances, the law of licensing is the murky side of trademark law. A broad chasm in approach between the common law and civil
law traditions has characterized trademark licensing for over ...

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Dear UK... from

Since publishing IPKat's letter to our European IP colleagues (see letter here) following Friday's EU referendum result, the IPKat has received an outpouring of comments, emails and tweets from across Europe and the ...

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Webinar on Cuozzo v. Lee from

Strafford will be offering a webinar/teleconference entitled "Cuozzo v. Lee: Implications for Post-Grant Review Following New Supreme Court Ruling" on July 7, 2016 from 1:00 to 2:30 pm (EDT). Erika H. Arner ...

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Webinar on Waivers of Privilege from

The American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) will be offering a webinar entitled "Arrival of a New Privilege and a Review of Potential Waivers of Privilege in Business Contexts" on June 29, 2016 from 12 ...

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post image Supreme Court Cuozzo Decision Maintains Broadest Reasonable Construction of Claim Terms in Patent Inter Partes Reviews from

Ann Robl

In its June 20, 2016, decision in Cuozzo Speed Technologies v. Lee, the U.S. Supreme Court confirmed the USPTO’s authority to decide to use the broadest reasonable construction for claim terms ...

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OECD Ministerial On Internet Wraps Up: Openness A Concern from

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) should not wait 8 or 10 years before its next Internet Ministerial, said OECD Secretary General Angel Gurria at the closing session in Cancun Mexico yesterday. Gurria ...

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UK “Brexit” Leaves IP Community With Many Unanswered Questions from

Britons' 23 June decision to pull out of the European Union has caused shock waves in the UK and Europe, and the vote is still being digested. Early reactions from members of the intellectual property ...

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Halo Does Not Prohibit Jury Finding of Willfulness from

The court denied defendant's motion for judgment as a matter of law that it did not willfully infringe plaintiff's capacitor patent and rejected defendant's argument that the jury finding of willful infringement ...

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Supreme Court Case of the Week: Prouty and Mears v. Ruggles et al. from

This week’s Supreme Court Case of the Week is a short one but an important one.  The key passage recites: The patent is for a combination, and the improvement consists in arranging different portions ...

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Cuozzo v. Lee and the Potential for Patent Law Deference Mistakes from

I wrote a short post on Monday's decision in Cuozzo v. Lee for Stanford's Legal Aggregate blog, which I'm reposting here. My co-blogger Michael Risch has already posted his initial reactions to ...

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CAFC in Immersion v. HTC case: same day continuation filing is all right from

This case involves one necessary condition, under 35
U.S.C. § 120, for treating a patent application, filed as a
continuation of an earlier application, as having the
earlier application’s filing date, not its ...

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Enganging IP book for students is free via iBooks or PDF, $.99 Kindle from

The US intellectual property system is the envy of nations everywhere. Despite this, confusion reigns about what are patents and other IP rights, and whom do they serve. A new book has been published that ...

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Changes to Ontario’s Health Information Privacy Law Include Breach Notification, Increased Penalties from

The re-posting of this article is part of a cross-posting agreement with CyberLex. Notification to affected individuals and regulators will be required in the event of unauthorized use or disclosure of personal health information under ...

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Gray on Claims Turns Seven Years Old from

This blog started in June 2009.  It is still hard for me to wrap my head around that fact.  Seven years and 185 posts later, it is still here (though a bit dormant I admit ...

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