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post image Bat-tastic - Batmobile Protected by Copyright in the US from

Amongst the very old school and traditionalist judgments here in the UK, it is always refreshing to read ones that step outside of that dusty judicial demeanor, and often our friends across the pond in ...

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PIPEX patent company index falls 15.4% for 3Q, double the S&P 500 from

The PIPEX intellectual property sector stock index fell more than twice as much as the S&P; 500 as the effects of the Alice and IPRs, in combination with a correcting stock market, came into ...

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In re Steed (Fed. Cir. 2015) from

Swearing Behind Reference Still Requires Proof of (Timely Filed) Evidence By Joseph Herndon -- Thomas Steed, Sourav Bhattacharya, and Sandeep Seshadrijois (collectively "Steed") filed a patent application entitled "Web-Integrated On-Line Financial Database System and Method for ...

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Patent Market Tracker from

John Martin and his team at Innography have released their bi-annual update on the patent market. LINK. Their primary finding: Alice v. CLS Bank “hasn’t affected the volume of US patent sales, which continues ...

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Apotex Dances the BPCIA Patent Dance with Amgen, But Claims It Does Not Need to Provide 180-Day Notice of Commercial Marketing from

The Federal Circuit held in Amgen v. Sandoz that the so-called “patent dance” is optional for applicants  seeking approval of a biosimilar product under the abbreviated BPCIA pathway, as discussed here.  Indeed, biosimilar applicants have ...

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Global Dossier Expected to Launch in November 2015 from

Lewis Craft

In an attempt to use technology to its full advantage, the USPTO, along with the other members of the IP5 Patent Offices, has established a USPTO-hosted user interface titled “Global Dossier” that will ...

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Pull Up Your Socks – The TPP Is Done from

The odds for a final signature under the Trans-Pacific Partnership went up and down since negotiations of the regional trade agreement re-started in Atlanta last Wednesday. In the final hours, the delegations of the 12 ...

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Interview With KIPO’s New Commissioner, Choi Donggyou from

It has been five months since Choi Donggyou assumed the role of KIPO Commissioner. During the 55th WIPO General Assemblies in Geneva this week, he took time to sit down with Intellectual Property Watch and ...

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post image Patent Trolls and Great Inventors from

The announcement to my upcoming Mizzou event with Prof Holte is exciting, but so is our topic.  Discussion will center around Holte’s case-study article: Trolls or Great Inventors: Case Studies of Patent Assertion Entities ...

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Delay Filing IPR Petition Weighs Against Litigation Stay from

The court denied defendants' motion to stay two of plaintiff's actions pending fourteen inter partes review and reexamination proceedings, eleven of which were initiated by third parties, and found that the undue prejudice to ...

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post image Never Too Late: if you missed the IPKat last week from

Were you away or just too busy to read the IPKat last week? Do not despair, because our dear friend and colleague Alberto Bellan is back as usual with his Never Too Late feature, now ...

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post image T2201/10 Do not Destroy the Foundations of your Argument from

The decision T 2201/10 deals with the proper application of the problem-and-solution approach.

Our readers will known that inventiveness can usually be disproven (some say that the "unless" in Art. 56 EPC means that ...

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Updated Audio Key to the Voices of the Federal Circuit Judges from

If you have been listening to oral argument recordings and have been wondering to whom a particular voice belongs, you should use the link to the audio key page, located on the upper right-hand portion ...

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The CAFC affirms D. Nev. in Spectrum case from

From SPECTRUM PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. v. Sandoz, concerning the

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (“Spectrum”) appeals
from the decisions of the United States District Court for
the District of Nevada holding claims 1–2 of U.S. Patent ...

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