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post image Link and threat? Why the story with hyperlinks and copyright is not over yet from

There are links which may be even
cuter than hyperlinks
Besides the terrible, Halloween-related, pun in the title of this post, the question is: do you need permission from the relevant rightolder to link to ...

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Announcing the Winner of Canada’s IP Writing Challenge 2014 from

IP Osgoode and the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC) are thrilled to announce the winner of the sixth annual edition of Canada’s IP Writing Challenge: 1. In the Law Student category, the judges ...

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No Deposition of In-House Litigation Counsel from

The court granted defendant's motion for protective order to preclude the deposition of its in-house litigation counsel. "[The deponent], though in-house counsel, is unquestionably an active member of [defendant's] litigation team in both ...

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U.S. Court of Appeals 11th Circuit Overrules District Court Educational Fair Use decision in Cambridge University Press v. Patton from

On October  17, 2014, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit issued its decision in Cambridge University Press et al. v. Patton et al. The case is about the posting of excerpts ...

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Geographical Indications At WIPO: Members Dissent On Participation In Treaty Talks from

Members of a World Intellectual Property Organization treaty protecting appellations of origins who are seeking to revise that treaty to include geographical indications were opposed this week by several WIPO member states seeking to have ...

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post image If all the patent trolls disappear, can royalty stacking take their place? from

This Kat is of the view that when historians take stock of the patent troll/NPE ("non-practising entities") saga, it may rank among the oddest of all IP narratives. More than a decade into the ...

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Consumer Watchdog / PubPat seek Supreme Court review of standing issue in stem call case concerning WARF's US 7,029,913 from

In the year 2008, IPBiz discussed the challenge to WARF's US Pat. 7,029,913 made by PubPat and Consumer Watchdog. See post
How significant was the PubPat wiff on re-exam of US 7 ...

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post image Supreme Court: A Web of Post-Issuance Licensing Restrictions from

by Dennis Crouch Last year I wrote about the patent licensing decision captioned Kimble v. Marvel Enterprises Inc. (9th Circuit 2013). Kimble involved a patent license agreement tied to Marvel’s web-shooter toy sales. On ...

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Patent Litigation Reform -- Will the Outcome of the Mid-Term Elections Matter, and Is Reform Still Necessary? from

By Andrew Williams -- Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you are probably aware that mid-term elections are next Tuesday. And the issue on every voter's mind is obviously patent litigation reform. In ...

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post image Samsung asks court to declare it can terminate its Android patent license agreement with Microsoft from

A new filing was made on Thursday in the contract dispute between Microsoft and Samsung over a 2011 Android/Chrome patent license agreement (redacted versions of the two contracts at issue, the patent license agreement ...

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post image Patent Attorneys Face Multiple-Jeopardy from

Earlier in the week, I wrote about the issue of “multiple-jeopardy“. This week, the patent-world has also faced “Double Jeopardy” with two patent attorneys competing and winning their rounds on the television show Jeopardy. Congratulations ...

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3Q GDP shows continued growth in intangible investments from

This morning's advanced estimate of U.S. 3rd quarter GDP from the BEA shows a healthy growth rate of 3.5%. Economists had forecast an overall growth rate of 3%. Personal consumption, exports, nonresidential ...

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post image Security for costs: a sensible approach from

Guardian Barriers IP Ltd v Global Vessel Security, decided by Judge Hacon on 22 September in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC), England and Wales, is a useful little decision on security for costs. Again ...

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What Documents are Needed When Filing an Application for a Patent from

Magazines, books, comics, clothing, and a ton of other products have specialized trademarks on them. These trademarks are used to acknowledge the source of the products. For written works, art, and...


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