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Assertion of Patent Claims After Unfavorable Claim Construction of Related Patents Warrants § 285 Attorney Fee Award from

The court granted defendants' motion for attorney fees under 35 U.S.C. § 285 following summary judgment of noninfringement because plaintiff should have known its claims were meritless. "The infringement claims against [defendants] depended on ...

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Trade Outlook In 2015: The Race Of The Mega-Regionals from

For international trade, 2015 will be “a year of work” rather than of finalisation, as Viviane Reding put it.The comment of the former European Commission vice president and Justice Commissioner focussed on the Trade ...

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post image Patent trolls still on the menu as industry-backed UPC website launches from

Now with a snazzy logo, the UPC
Industry Coalition is here
to stay
In the Unified Patent Court's Arms Race (or Cold War), there seems to be new dedicated UPC websites popping up each ...

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Guest Post: $2.6 Billion Per Drug: Is Your Patent Portfolio Strong Enough to Protect Your Investment? from

By Cambria Alpha-Cobb* and Anthony D. Sabatelli** -- Late last year, the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD) released a number that would cause jaws to drop all around the healthcare world. The ...

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The Economist mentions George Selden in article on patent trolls from

In "Why no one likes them," The Economist brings up George Selden:

Patent trolls are not new. In 1895 George Baldwin Selden (pictured), an American lawyer, was awarded a patent for an “improved road-engine”. The ...

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The CAFC determines that offering a service, without rendering the service, is insufficient to support trademark registration from

In Couture v. Playdom, the CAFC affirmed the TTAB, which had cancelled Couture's "Playdom" mark because Couture had “merely posted a website advertising his readiness, willingness and ability to render said services,” and the ...

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post image Goldbear wars going into the next round... from

With Easter slowly approaching, you'd be forgiven if you expected to read about a yet another chapter in the perennial Easter Bunny dispute(s).  However, this Kat can offer you an update on the ...

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post image PTAB improper sole rreliance on drawings from

Takeaway: The Applicant appealed an obviousness rejection In an application directed to a semiconductor structure. The Examiner relied solely on prior art figures to teach relative dimensions as claimed. The Applicable argued that such reliance ...

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USPTO Acting Director Discusses Patent Quality, Pendency, Harmonisation from

At today's meeting of the "trilateral offices" - the United States, Europe and Japan - Deputy Director of the US Patent and Trademark Office Michelle Lee gave an update of USPTO activities, including improvements in patent ...

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Bruce Kania’s TedX Talk on Transition Water from

In a previous post, I spoke with Bruce Kania of Floating Island International (FII) about the company’s floating island technology and patent portfolio. FII’s floating islands help maintain the health of wetland ecosystems ...

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Patently-O Bits and Bytes from

Information and events. The University of Missouri School of Law and the Center for Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship is hosting an event on March 13th, 2015. The focus is on Intellectual Property issues in the ...

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Heightened Pleading in Patent Complaints to Frustrate Trolls – Exception for Hatch-Waxman/ANDA Cases from

All branches of government have worked to decrease frivolous litigation by non-practicing entities (“NPEs”), or patent trolls, in order to both encourage developing technology and allow businesses to utilize that technology without a looming threat ...

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The Strong Patent Act of 2015 from Senator Coons from

by Dennis Crouch Senator Coons is expected to introduce his competing patent reform bill into the Senate this week under the title Strong Patents Act.  As the name suggests, these provisions here tend to strongly ...

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Google’s Size, Wealth, and Market Power Relevant to Hypothetical Negotiation from

The court partially denied Google's motion in limine to preclude references to its size, wealth, and alleged market power. "Google’s size and wealth, on their own, are not relevant to the issues to ...

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