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Is The Development Dimension Of WIPO Incompatible With Its Role Of IP Protection? from

The World Intellectual Property Organization is a successful United Nations agency if success is measured by its generated income and the number of international registrations of intellectual property titles. However, in its role as a ...

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Design Patent Maximizing Diamond Refraction Not Invalid for Claiming Functional Design from

The court denied plaintiff's motion for summary judgment that defendant's diamond design patent was invalid for depicting a functional design. "Admittedly, [the inventor] sometimes described the design of the [patent] in language that ...

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post image Hijacked book-launch? Or two for one ... from

This blogger attended a very pleasant event at London's Oxford and Cambridge Club yesterday afternoon, this being the launch of Angela Fox's new tome, Intellectual Property Enterprise Court: Practice and Procedure (already noted ...

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post image The KatChat (or was it a PatChat?): Christopher Rennie-Smith and Darren Smyth discuss EPO proceedings from

With apologies for the length of time that it has taken to transcribe his paw-written notes and to fill in the gaps with some creative memory, this Kat offers the following summary of the KatChat ...

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post image Oktoberfest and Patented Technology from

While Munich is pleasantly anticipating the forthcoming Oktoberfest season, the EPO has produced really fancy movie on patented technology at the Oktoberfest.

Have a look! This blogger really appreciates the efforts of the EPO ...

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USPTO Expected to Issue Revised Myriad-Mayo Guidance in October from

By Donald Zuhn -- During a session at today's biotechnology/chemical/pharmaceutical (BCP) customer partnership meeting, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office provided an update on the status of the Myriad-Mayo Guidance. The BCP ...

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Guest Post: Pace of Wind Innovation Slows, But is Set to Skyrocket Again from

Totaro & Associates, a Houston, TX based research and consulting firm has released a new research report on the pace of wind turbine technology innovation and proliferation. IP ownership rankings show General Electric still leading with ...

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post image "Slow Justice is No Justice": Brits and Chinese get on just fine from

There has been plenty of coverage of the UK IPO/FCO-led China-UK Intellectual Property Week, with even the  BBC's Today radio show picking it up [this Kat missed it, and his search engine ...

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Sean Seymore on Utility from

In patent cases, the term “hindsight bias” refers to fact-finders’ tendency to use their knowledge of the invention at issue in their analysis of whether that invention would have been obvious. This error occurs when ...

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MVS Filewrapper® Blog: Should Trade Secret Misappropriation be Federalized? from

The legal community (along with bipartisan legislation) has been discussing the creation of a private cause of action under federal laws for trade secret misappropriation – or trade secret theft. In light increased cyber-espionage and the ...

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Old And New Proposed At Top Of WIPO; Tied To Director’s Term from

After months of consideration and an application process that attracted 360 applicants, the World Intellectual Property Organization secretariat has made public its proposed names for the top posts at the UN agency for the next ...

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Design Patents §103 – Obvious to Whom and As Compared to What? from

Guest Post by Paul Morgan This is an increasing important and not fully resolved legal issue which should logically be addressed in the pending Fed. Cir. appeal of the nearly $1 billion infringement damages award ...

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CAFC discusses laches and equitable estoppel in SCA Hygiene from

The outcome of SCA Hygiene vs. First Baby Products

Accordingly, we affirm the district court’s grant of summary judgment
as to laches, reverse its grant of summary judgment
as to equitable estoppel, and remand ...

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New Federal Circuit decision reminds prosecutors to pay attention to entire chain in claim to priority from

A new Federal Circuit decision, Medtronic Corevalve v Edwards Lifesciences, deals with priority claims and underscores the importance of making sure each application in the continuity chain has a proper reference to the entire chain ...

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