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Complaint for Patent Infringement
Civil Action No. 2:11-cv-01408-MAT, the Hon. Mary Alice Theiler presiding.
Filed on Aug. 25, 2011 in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington;


Motorola Mobility
Astigarraga Davis Mullins & Grossman; Miami, FL
Hal Michael Lucas
Edward Maurice Mullins
Douglas J. Giuliano

Ropes & Gray Llp; East Palo Alto, CA
Norman H. Beamer
David Elihu
Erin Greenfield
Gabrielle E. Higgins
Khue V. Hoang
Nicole Jantzi
Jesse J. Jenner
Michael P. Kahn
Brian Kao
Priti Langer
Steven Pepe
Kevin J. Post
Megan F. Raymond
Mark D. Rowland
Josef B. Schenker
R Andrew Schwentker
Leslie M. Spencer
Amanda Wieker
Stuart W. Yothers

Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan,LLP; New York, NY
Edward J. DeFranco
David A. Nelson
Charles K. Verhoeven


Gerald L. Angst
Anthony Balkissoon
Erik J. Carlson
Stephen C. Carlson
Richard A. Cederoth
Theodore W. Chandler
Kelley Conaty
Elizabeth Catherine Curtin
Frank J. Favia
Sandra Fujiyama
Daniel J. Galligan
Aseem S. Gupta
Kathleen L. Holthaus
Tamar B. Kelber
Benjamin B. Kelly
Erin E. Kelly
Nabeel U. Khan
Olivia M. Kim
Sherry A. Knutson
Michael C. Lee
Douglas I. Lewis
Yongdan Li
Michael L. Lisak
John W. McBride
Shubham Mukherjee
Brian R. Nester
Tung T. Nguyen
Dale B. Nixon
David T. Pritikin
Ellen S. Robbins
Nicole D. Sims
Paul D. Tripodi
Herman F. Webley
Christopher G. Wilson
Neil H. Wyland
Jim S. Zeng
Kevin C. Wheeler

Sidley Autin, LLP;
William M. Chang
Philip W. Woo

Woodcock Washburn, LLP; Philadelphia, PA
David J. Wolfsohn

Colson Hicks Eidson; Miami, FL
Curtis Bradley Miner

Patents in case

  • 5,502,839: “Object-oriented software architecture supporting input/output device independence” by Kolnick and assigned to Motorola, Inc.. Prosecuted by Nielsen; Walter W. McGurk; Harold C. Pickens; S. Kevin. Includes 23 claims (3 indep.). Was application 07/361,738. Filed 6/2/1989 & Granted 3/26/1996.
  • 6,272,333: “Method and apparatus in a wireless communication system for controlling a delivery of data” by Smith and assigned to Motorola, Inc.. Prosecuted by Breeden; R. Louis. Includes 13 claims (3 indep.). Was application 09/096,664. Filed 6/12/1998 & Granted 8/7/2001.
  • 5,784,001: “Method and apparatus for presenting graphic messages in a data communication receiver” by Deluca et. al. and assigned to Motorola, Inc... Includes 6 claims (4 indep.). Was application 08/898,640. Filed 7/21/1997 & Granted 7/21/1998.
  • 5,764,899: “Method and apparatus for communicating an optimized reply” by Eggleston et. al. and assigned to Motorola, Inc.. Prosecuted by Wood; J. Ray. Includes 12 claims (7 indep.). Was application 08/574,737. Filed 12/19/1995 & Granted 6/9/1998.
  • 6,757,544: “System and method for determining a location relevant to a communication device and/or its associated.” by Rangarajan et. al. and assigned to Motorola, Inc.. Prosecuted by Vaas; Randall S. Watanabe; Hisashi D.. Includes 10 claims (4 indep.). Was application 09/930,049. Filed 8/15/2001 & Granted 6/29/2004.
  • 6,408,176: “Method and apparatus for initiating a communication in a communication system” by Urs and assigned to Motorola, Inc.. Prosecuted by Crilly; Daniel C. Jacobs; Jeffrey K.. Includes 15 claims (3 indep.). Was application 09/114,508. Filed 7/13/1998 & Granted 6/18/2002.
  • 6,983,370: “System for providing continuity between messaging clients and method therefor” by Eaton et. al. and assigned to Motorola, Inc.. Prosecuted by Karpinia; Randi L. Chen; Sylvia. Includes 67 claims (10 indep.). Was application 09/995,338. Filed 11/27/2001 & Granted 1/3/2006.

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