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Ericsson Inc. et. al.
v. Samsung Electronics Co., LTD., et. al.

Complaint for Patent Infringement
Civil Action No. 6:12-cv-00895; no judge yet assigned.
Filed on Nov. 27, 2012 in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas;


Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson
McKool Smith; Dallas, TX
Theodore Stevenson



Samsung Electronics
Samsung Telecommunications America
Samsung Electronics America

Patents in case

  • 6,400,376: “Display control for hand-held data processing device” by Singh et. al. Prosecuted by Coats & Bennett, P.L.L.C.. Includes 48 claims (10 indep.). Was application 09/217,400. Granted 6/4/2002.
  • 6,466,568: “Multi-rate radiocommunication systems and terminals” by Raith et. al. and assigned to Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (publ). Prosecuted by Burns, Doane, Swecker & Mathis, L.L.P.. Includes 7 claims (1 indep.). Was application 09/399,771. Filed 9/21/1999 & Granted 10/15/2002.
  • 6,597,787: “Echo cancellation device for cancelling echos in a transceiver unit” by Lindgren et. al. Prosecuted by Burns, Doane, Swecker & Mathis, L.L.P.. Includes 26 claims (3 indep.). Was application 09/628,932. Granted 7/22/2003.
  • 6,259,724: “Random access in a mobile telecommunications system” by Esmailzadeh. Prosecuted by Jenkens & Gilchrist. Includes 20 claims (4 indep.). Was application 08/733,501. Granted 7/10/2001.
  • 6,865,233: “Method and system for control signalling enabling flexible link adaptation in a radiocommunication system” by Eriksson et. al.. Includes 28 claims (7 indep.). Was application 09/252,989. Granted 3/8/2005.
  • 6,502,063: “Method and apparatus for recursive filtering of parallel intermittent streams of unequally reliable time discrete.” by Eriksson et. al. Prosecuted by Jenkens & Gilchrist, A Professional Corporation. Includes 35 claims (4 indep.). Was application 09/454,220. Granted 12/31/2002.
  • 6,732,069: “Linear predictive analysis-by-synthesis encoding method and encoder” by Ekudden et. al.. Includes 14 claims (2 indep.). Was application 09/396,300. Granted 5/4/2004.
  • 8,036,150: “Method and a device for improved status reports” by Meyer et. al.. Includes 24 claims (2 indep.). Was application 12/524,891. Granted 10/11/2011.
  • 7,707,592: “Mobile terminal application subsystem and access subsystem architecture method and system” by Wesslen et. al. Prosecuted by Cameron; Michael G.. Includes 10 claims (1 indep.). Was application 10/857,522. Granted 4/27/2010.
  • 6,985,474: “Random access in a mobile telecommunications system” by Dahlman et. al. Prosecuted by Burleigh; Roger. Includes 57 claims (5 indep.). Was application 10/457,276. Granted 1/10/2006.
  • 7,769,078: “Apparatus, methods and computer program products for delay selection in a spread-spectrum receiver” by Cairns et. al. Prosecuted by Coats & Bennett, P.L.L.C.. Includes 43 claims (4 indep.). Was application 10/959,923. Granted 8/3/2010.
  • 7,961,709: “Secondary synchronization sequences for cell group detection in a cellular communications system” by Lindoff et. al.. Includes 31 claims (4 indep.). Was application 12/522,166. Granted 6/14/2011.
  • 7,660,417: “Enhanced security design for cryptography in mobile communication systems” by Blom et. al. Prosecuted by Nixon & Vanderhye P.C.. Includes 27 claims (5 indep.). Was application 10/937,873. Granted 2/9/2010.

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Case documents (PDF)

Fig. 1 from 7,707,592

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