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post image Fordham 25 (Report 1): General Counsel Roudtable from

Add captionOn a rainy Spring morning, the AmeriKat flew down from her perch in the Upper West Side to Fordham Law School for the first day of the 25th Anniversary celebrations of the Fordham ...

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post image Fordham 25 (Report 3): 25 Years - where have we been and where are we going? from

The "25 Years" panelAfter a short break, another blockbuster session took the stage at Fordham.  This time a retrospective on what has happened in IP in the past 25 years.

Sir Robin Jacob says ...

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post image Fordham 25 (Report 2): Brexit and IP from

The Brexit and IP panel at FordhamNext up was a blockbuster session on Brexit and IP.  A topic that is frankly wearing the AmeriKat down, but of interest to the more diverse Fordham faculty ...

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post image Fordham 25 (Part 4): Trade Secrets from

After lunch was the topic of "Trade Secrets".  A huge topic in a short session, proved happy hunting ground for interesting issues by Laura Whiting who reports:  
"After John White introduced the panellists, James Pooley ...

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Prof Patterson: Teasing Through a Single FRAND Rate from

Guest Post by Prof. Mark R. Patterson, Fordham Law Last week Professor Jorge Contreras provided here an excellent summary of the April 5 decision of Mr. Justice Birss of the UK’s High Court of ...

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African Civil Society, Farmers Demand ARIPO Lift Blackout On Protocol Protecting Plant Varieties from

Civil society and farmers allege communication blackout from by the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO) about a protocol protecting new plant varieties. The 2015 protocol was highly criticised by those organisations as endangering traditional ...

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Fixing the patent system/ promoting jobs is focus of Capitol Hill event from

An increasing number of experts say the U.S. has lost its edge in the battle to secure and defend meaningful patents that stimulate competition. It is with making U.S. patents important again that ...

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Departure Of YouTube From Russia Could Result In Growth Of Pirated Content, Government Warns from

The use of pirated content in Russia may significantly increase in the event of a decision by leading foreign video-sharing websites and servers to leave the country due to the planned imposition of restrictions on ...

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Until Shaw is Limited or Reconsidered, IPR Estoppel Does Not Apply to Non-Instituted Invalidity Grounds Asserted in Petition from

Following inter partes review of the patent-in-suit, the court denied plaintiff's motion to preclude defendant from contesting validity under 35 U.S.C. § 315(e) with respect to invalidity grounds that were asserted in ...

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Answering the Call — Pro Se Assistance at the USPTO from

  Guest post by Kathy Matecki, Director of USPTO’s Technical Center 3600 Independent inventors and small business owners have a long tradition of creating innovative products and opening up new sectors of the American marketplace ...

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Helsinn v. Teva — Six months and counting from

It has been more than six months since the Federal Circuit heard oral argument in Helsinn v. Teva, which dealt with whether the AIA overruled Metallizing Engineering in regard to secret commercial use.  The oral ...

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