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post image Am I covered by that UK copyright exception? Here's my checklist from

Determining whether a certain, unauthorised use of a work is shielded from liability by means of an exception is not an easy exercise. Things may get even more complicated if the applicable law is that ...

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PTAB Update -- Shire Has Rare Motion to Amend Granted from

By Andrew Williams -- On March 31, 2017, the Patent Trial and Appeals Board ("PTAB" or "Board") granted a motion to amend claims in Amerigen Pharmaceuticals Ltd. v. Shire LLC (IPR2015-02009). This is, of course, an ...

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In response to Apple's complaint, Qualcomm claims credit for enabling Pokémon GO from

In response to a complaint Apple filed in the Southern District of California in January (PatentlyApple article), and following a decision that the case remains in Qualcomm's home district, Qualcomm has filed a 139-page ...

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Hiring Freeze At USPTO Concerns Industry Groups from

Members of the United States innovator business community have delivered a letter to President Trump requesting that the US Patent and Trademark Office be exempt from the federal hiring freeze announced in January.

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Demonstrating Device at Tradeshow May Constitute Infringing Use from

The court denied defendants' motion to dismiss plaintiff's direct patent infringement claims for failing to sufficiently allege that they used the accused product or that the infringement was de minimis. "[D]efendants appear to ...

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Trade Secret Protections at the Patent Office from

The USPTO is hosting a free symposium on Trade Secret Protections – May 8, 2017, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. EDT at the Alexandria HQ as well as via webcast. More info here ...

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Patentlyo Bits and Bytes by Anthony McCain from

Russell Slifer: How To Improve IPRs Without Tossing The Baby Out With The Bath Water Kim Treanor: Hiring Freeze At USPTO Concerns Industry Groups Andrew Williams: Shire Has Rare Motion To Amend Granted Audrey Millemann ...

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PTAB Life Sciences Report -- Part IV from

By John Cravero -- About the PTAB Life Sciences Report: Each month we will report on developments at the PTAB involving life sciences patents. Smith & Nephew, Inc. v. ConforMIS, Inc. PTAB Petition: IPR2017-00778; filed January 26 ...

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