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post image Italian Supreme Court rules that mere reproduction of Vespa image may amount to counterfeiting from

Roman Holiday VespaItalian online IP resource Marchi & Brevetti has just reported a very interesting and recent decision of the Criminal Section of the Italian Supreme Court (Corte di Cassazione) regarding the crime of counterfeiting ...

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post image Never Too Late: If you missed the IPKat last week! from

This Kitten is delighted to bring you the 140th edition of Never Too Late covering the posts from 13 until 19 March! 

Friday Fantasies
InternKat Tian Lu recaps IP news and events including a training ...

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post image BREAKING: US Supreme Court holds cheerleading uniforms eligible for copyright protection from

not one of the uniforms
at the centre of the case
The US copyright decision everybody was waiting for is finally out.

In Star Athletica v Varsity Brands the US Supreme Court has just ...

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post image Welcome clarification on the Malaysian law of well-known marks; but there is still judicial work to be done from

The law of well-known marks continues to develop apace in various countries in Asia. Kat friend NG Kim Poh has offered a summary of an important decision in Malaysia on this dynamic topic.

The ...

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post image Supreme Court Cheers on Copyright Separability from

by Dennis Crouch Star Athletica v. Varsity Brands (Supreme Court 2017) In a new Copyright decision, the Supreme Court has modified the doctrine of separability that allows for copyright of works of authorship associated with ...

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The Changing Perspective Of Well-Known Trademarks In India from

The innovative advertisements of famous trademarks we come across remind us of the image they have created in our minds and the quality of the respective products or services they reflect. Millions are spent by ...

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EBay Listing Is Not eBay’s Offer to Sell from

The court granted defendant's motion for summary judgment that it did not directly infringe plaintiff's bee trap patent because defendant's online marketplace listing was not defendant's offer to sell within the ...

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Supreme Court: useful articles such as clothing can include copyrightable elements from

A new Supreme Court decision helps to clarify the extent to which copyright law can protect design elements of a useful article, such as an article of clothing. The Copyright Act states that “useful articles ...

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EPO Official Aggressively Promotes Software Patents At CEBIT Fair from

At the world‘s biggest computer fair, the CEBIT in Hannover, Germany today, an official of the European Patent Office promoted patents for computer-implemented inventions (CII), also called software patents by critics. CII continues to ...

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Lexmark Oral Arguments: A Boon to the Sticker Industry? from

by Dennis Crouch This is a follow-up on my earlier post on the oral arguments here: The Cost of Getting the Law Right On March 21, 2017, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the ...

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Oral Argument of the day: Trader Joe’s v. Hallatt from

With the extra-territoriality issues being argued today in the Lexmark patent case, I am reminded of the extra-territoriality trademark case of Trader Joe’s v. Hallatt from the Ninth Circuit.  The Ninth Circuit’s opinion ...

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What To Watch Out For In The EU-Mercosur FTA Negotiations: Consequences For Access To Medicines from

As negotiations take place this week, an evaluation of the impact of one of the TRIPS-plus measures of the Mercosur/EU FTA on the prices of medicines in Brazil has been released. By their calculations ...

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Millions of Papers, Papers for Me from

Stuck in the 19th Century, the Federal Circuit Rule 30(a) requires appellants to submit six paper copies of the appendix to the briefs. In a recent filing, pro se appellant Urvashi Bhagat asked the ...

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