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post image Traditional Knowledge: beware of patent protection from

Few intellectual assets give rise to as much passion as Traditional Knowledge. India has become a center for this conversation. Kat friend R.S Praveen Raj, a scientist and a former patent examiner in ...

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post image A Patent Laches Defense No More from

Julie Langdon

Today, the Supreme Court vacated a prior Federal Circuit decision when it decided that laches cannot be used as a defense against a claim for damages brought within the Patent Act’s six-year ...

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post image Wish to discuss GS Media and linking? from

Well, who could possibly reply 'no' to such a question?!?

If you are in London in the evening of Tuesday, 28 March, then you may want to attend the new event organised by TIPLO (The ...

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Chile: Civil Society, Members Of Congress Urge Issuance Of Compulsory Licences from

Representatives of Chilean civil society and Congress this week presented the Chilean health minister with a proposal urging the government to take advantage of international trade law and a newly passed congressional resolution to issue ...

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A Look At Optimal Patent Regimes For Canada from

A new policy brief from the Centre for International Governance Innovation, in Waterloo, Canada argues that Canada should pursue a weaker national patent regime. Acknowledging that Canada already has agreed to certain levels of protection ...

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Publishing Industry Lobbying In EU Marrakesh Treaty Discussions Jeopardises Effects, Group Charges from

The treaty adopted almost four years ago in Marrakesh allowing for exceptions to copyright for the benefit of visually impaired people was hailed as a victory for human rights over private rights. However, as the ...

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Expert’s Consideration of Pre-Issuance Value of Patented Invention Does Not Render Damages Opinion Unreliable from

The court denied defendant's motion in limine to exclude the testimony of plaintiff's damages expert for considering the pre-issuance value of the patented invention. "[T]here is no merit to [defendant's] argument ...

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UN Development Programme Calls For Reform of IP And Investor Protection Regimes from

A United Nations Development Programme report released today places importance on transforming global institutions, and establishing fair trade and investment rules. The report calls for global reform of the intellectual property rights regime and investor ...

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Federal Circuit Affirms Potentially Inconsistent Verdict from

TVIIM v. McAfee (Fed. Cir. 2017) [tviim] A N.D. California jury held that TVIIM’s U.S. Patent No. 6,889,168 was both invalid as both anticipated and not infringed.  On appeal, the ...

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Doctrine of Laches Cannot Bar Legal Damages Claims in Patent Cases from

SCA Hygiene Prods. V. First Quality Baby Prods. (Supreme Court. 2017) In an 8-1 decision delivered by Justice Alito, the Supreme Court has expanded its recent copyright decision in Petrella to now hold that laches ...

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The Delhi University photocopy case comes to an abrupt end after publishers withdraw lawsuit from

The IPKat is delighted to receive this guest post from long time Katfriend Prashant Reddy (details at the end of the post).
In a rather bizarre end to the long running copyright infringement lawsuit filed ...

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The Cost of Getting the Law Right from

Andrew Pincus (arguing today in Lexmark): If you look it the Alice case, for example, that obviously had tremendous implications for both the patentees and for people who had entered into license agreements and were ...

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Leaked Text: Is EU Tempted By Too Many Safeguards Limiting The Scope Of Blind Treaty? from

As the ratification by the European Union of an international treaty creating an exception to copyright for visually impaired people nears, a leaked text shows that the directive implementing the treaty in the EU might ...

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WHO Advisory Group Report On Fair Pricing Forum: A ‘Matter Of Global Concern’ from

The report from a meeting of a World Health Organization informal advisory group on challenges of medicines pricing and organising a Fair Pricing Forum this spring has been made public. The report shows the analysis ...

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SCA Hygiene Products Aktiebolag v. First Quality Baby Products, LLC (2017) from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- The U.S. Supreme Court overturned another Federal Circuit decision today (this one having been decided en banc by the appellate court), in SCA Hygiene Products Aktiebolag v. First Quality Baby ...

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