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post image Eligibility: Get Technical or Get Denied from

Dennis Crouch The principle that patent prosecutors are following today is in the headline: Get Technical or Get Denied.  The following is a case-in-point. Nonprecedential decision today in Clarilogic v. FormFree Holdings affirming that the ...

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post image Wednesday Whimsies from

You shall go to the ball..1. The UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has publishedexternally commissioned research looking into the demand for UK trade mark applications and renewals. UK Trade Mark Demand: An Analysis ...

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Plaintiff Precluded From Referencing "Presumption of Validity" at Trial from

The court granted defendant's motion in limine to preclude plaintiff from referring to the presumption of validity as unduly prejudicial. "[Defendant] contends that the phrase 'presumption of validity' is potentially confusing to the jury ...

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Are The EPO President’s Days Numbered? from

With rumours swirling that European Patent Office President Benoît Battistelli is seeking another term in office, disgruntled staff members called another demonstration today to try to push the office's governing body, which is meeting ...

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The Singularity is Near from

The Imagination Era The development of AI began with dreams. Pamela McCorduck has traced several routes to AI: the route of imagination – what might be; the route of philosophical inquiry – the bridge between imagination and ...

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