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post image Amgen, Pfizer, Alphabet and Uber face up to trade secrets in biosimilars, self driving cars and product launch plans from

The AmeriKat ready for a Vertigo Hitchcock scene...Once you notice something, you start to see it everywhere.  During her film studies class on Hitchcock almost 15 years ago, the AmeriKat was studying what would ...

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post image Trademark Security Check Point – Draining the Swamp with Random Audits of Trademark Use from

Elizabeth Isaac

Despite flying with TSA pre-check, random checks in airport security lines seem to be a thing for me. Just last week, a TSA officer randomly wiped down all of my electronics with what ...

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post image Implementing and Interpreting the Defend Trade Secrets Act from

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s event at the University of Missouri School of Law: Implementing and Interpreting the Defend Trade Secrets Act.  Sponsored by our Center for Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship (CIPE) and ...

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In re Depomed, Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2017) from

By Donald Zuhn -- Last month, in In re Depomed, Inc., the Federal Circuit affirmed the determination by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Patent Trial and Appeal Board that two instituted grounds in an ...

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Workshop: How To Tackle The High Cost Of Prescription Drugs In The US from

A recent workshop held on the doorstep of policymakers in the United States drew speakers from academic and activist circles to examine the mechanisms in US law which could help lead to lower prescription drug ...

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Presentation to Akron Inventor’s Club – March 9, 2017. from

The Akron Inventor’s Club is hosting a seminar on “Intellectual Property Law for Business and Entrepreneurs” on Thursday, March 9, 2017. SPEAKER: Registered Intellectual Property Attorney Jacob “Jake” Ward will talk about “New Patent ...

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EC Copyright Reform Proposal Encounters Resistance In European Parliament from

European Commission plans to modernise copyright rules have run into opposition in European Parliament committees, with lawmakers particularly pushing back against the proposal for a publishers' right to licence snippets of news content.

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Origins of Patent Exhaustion in Jacksonian Politics, Patent Farming, and the Basis of the Bargain from

Guest Post by Sean M. O’Connor, Boeing International Professor, University of Washington School of Law As most readers of this blog know, patent exhaustion is usually traced to Chief Justice Taney’s statement in ...

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UN High-Level Panel On Access To Medicines Takes Next Step At Human Rights Council from

The United Nations Human Rights Council held a panel discussion yesterday to exchange views on good practices and key challenges relevant to access to medicines. The panel gave a large part of the discussion to ...

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Disclosure of Confidential Information to Competitor’s Product Designer Precluded from

The court granted an intervenor's motion to preclude disclosure of the intervenor's confidential technical information to plaintiff's expert because the expert designed products for intervenor's competitor. "While the Court recognizes and ...

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De novo review from

If you were an appellate judge, I imagine that you would prefer to review a lot of matters as “issues of law.”  The great thing about issues of law is that issues of law make ...

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