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In Defense of the Federal Circuit: TC Heartland and Patent Venue from

Guest Post by Professors Megan M. La Belle & Paul R. Gugliuzza Patent litigation is, as we all know, highly concentrated in a small number of districts.  Most notably—some might say, notoriously—the rural Eastern ...

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Negotiating Access To University IP from

(Written by Owen Nicholson, Head of Growth at IN-PART Publishing, and Operations Manager at the Dyson Robotics Lab at Imperial College. The content in this article builds upon a webinar delivered by Owen for Patsnap ...

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Argentinian Copyright Office Proposes To Add Exceptions And Limitations To Copyright Act from

On 12 December, the Argentinian Copyright Office and the Ministry of Culture invited a group of stakeholders, among which was this author, to discuss the final draft of the Exceptions and Limitations Bill (Proyecto de ...

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US Federal Court Bars Online Publication Of Copyrighted Standards Incorporated Into Laws from

In a case pitting standards development organisations against internet content aggregators, a United States federal court ruled that Public.Resource.Org breached copyright by posting unauthorised copies of standards incorporated into government education regulations. Public ...

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Discovery Into Commission History of Intellectual Ventures Licensing Executive Allowed from

The court granted defendants' motion to compel the production of documents regarding prior licensing commissions earned by plaintiff's 30(b)(6) witness on licensing because the evidence was relevant and not cumulative. "[The witness ...

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