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post image Friday Fun (for Associates) - Unusual Order in Patent Infringement Case from

Ann Robl

Move over partners! In X One’s patent infringement case against Uber Technologies (CAND 5-16-cv-06050), Judge Koh has given the associates on the case a chance to argue a motion. Her order of ...

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post image March 10: Implementing and Evaluating the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016. from

I am really looking forward to our next event here at Mizzou sponsored by the Center for Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship.  March 10: Implementing and Evaluating the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016. Featured Speakers ...

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post image Apple may have paid Qualcomm approx. $40 per iPhone, accounted for third of Qualcomm's revenues from

At the end of my previous post on Qualcomm's business model I wrote I would follow up with an analysis of the economic magnitude of the various antitrust investigations and civil complaints concerning Qualcomm ...

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What to Do about Section 101? IPO Provides Its Answer from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- In the aftermath of the Supreme Court's decision not to grant certiorari in Sequenom v. Ariosa (and in some quarters, considerably before that), many have voiced the opinion that only ...

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Odds and Ends from

Judge Stoll of the Federal Circuit will be the featured speaker at a CLE event at the Denver Patent Office next Friday.  The link is available [here]. The Federal Circuit’s opinion in Helsinn Healthcare ...

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New Policies On Technology Transfer In China: Granting More Autonomy To Universities from

According to a recent circular released by the Chinese ministries of education, and science and technology, universities established by the state have autonomy in technology transfer (see the original news here). Unless the scientific and ...

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The issue of standing, as discussed by CA9 in Washington v. Trump from

The issue in Washington v. Trump (2017 U.S. App. LEXIS 2369) was the federal government's motion for an emergency stay of the district court's temporary restraining order [TRO] while its appeal of ...

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Plaintiff Sanctioned for Doubling-Down on Unsuccessful Motion for Sanctions from

The court granted in part defendants' motion for sanctions under 28 U.S.C. § 1927 and the court's inherent authority for fees incurred in responding to plaintiffs' motion for terminating and disqualification sanctions. "[T ...

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“Consisting Of” Creates Closed Group and Provides Avenue to Avoid Infringement from

Shire Development v. Watson Pharma (Fed. Cir. 2017) [16-1785-opinion-2-8-2017-11] In a short opinion, the Federal Circuit has reversed a lower court infringement claim — holding instead that Watson’s generic product does not infringe. In U ...

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Enforcing Intellectual Property Theft from

President Donald Trump’s first action on intellectual property is buried within his newly released Presidential Executive Order on Enforcing Federal Law with Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking.   The executive basically ...

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