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post image New National IP Strategic Action Plan in China from

The IPKat has just learned that a new IP strategy has just been unveiled in China. Hong Kong-based Katfriend Dr Danny Friedmann [Simone IP Servicesand also of IP Dragonfame] explains what this is ...

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Zircore, LLC v. Straumann Manufacturing, Inc. (E.D. Tex. 2017) from

Method for Manufacturing Product (Dental Crown) Found to be Patent Eligible By Joseph Herndon -- Zircore sued Straumann Manufacturing for patent infringement in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas (Marshall Division ...

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No Shorter Floor Statements Nor Cap On Agenda Items, Says WHO Board from

Despite being in a time of tight budgets, the World Health Organization Executive Board meeting which ended this week had its heaviest agenda ever, according WHO Director General Margaret Chan, adding to staff workload and ...

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WIPO Report Recommends More “Cooperation” Under Patent Cooperation Treaty from

As it published the three-millionth international patent application under its Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) on 2 February, the World Intellectual Property Office suggested that there may be ways to improve the system in the future.

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Quest For US Termination Of Copyright Made Uncertain By UK Duran Duran Judgment from

Efforts to reclaim rights under the US Copyright Act have increased recently as the window of opportunity for works created in the mid-20th century opens. In comparative cases, Paul McCartney's decision to take back ...

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Expert’s Failure to Explain Basis For Hypothetical Negotiation “Compromise” Renders Opinion Unreliable from

The court granted defendant's motion to exclude the testimony of plaintiff's damages expert regarding a reasonable royalty as unreliable for relying on a rule of thumb profit split. "In calculating a reasonable royalty ...

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Oral Argument of the day: FO2GO v. Pinterest from

The oral argument of the day is FO2GO v. Pinterest.  This case concerns §112, ¶f (fka §112, ¶6) issues. The recording of the oral argument is available [here]. The Federal Circuit’s Rule 36 Judgment ...

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CAFC affirms D. Utah's invalidity determination in 3Form v. Lumicor from

Of interest in 3Form v. Lumicor :

The district court adopted its construction despite the
parties largely agreeing to a different one.
3form proposed that “unnatural appearing conformation”
means “the appearance of an object when ...

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