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post image Social media, "WikiLeaks" and false news in the 18th century: Thomas Jefferson and the "Mazzei letter" from

In today’s public discourse, nothing is more super-charged than social media, "WikiLeaks" and false news. We like to think about these issues as something new. However, if we discount the internet and digital context ...

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New Book Highlights IP Trade Law Flexibilities For Public Health from

A recently published book by a high-impact public health advocate provides new analysis on the use of flexibilities in international trade law relating to intellectual property rights aimed at advancing discussions on solutions to high ...

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EU Study Recommends FRAND Clarification, More Coordination On 5G from

The rapid development of information and communication technologies, and the need for greater interconnectivity driven by the Internet of Things has created a variety of standard-essential patent (SEP) owners and implementers with different business models ...

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Politics in the academia of intellectual property? from

A post at PatentlyO on an article by Jonathan Barnett titled Has the Academy Led Patent Law Astray? produced some comments about Mark Lemley:

I doubt that few within the patent academy are willing to ...

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CRISPR, intellectual property, and Latour from

Further to the IPBiz post
Politics in the academia of intellectual property?
, one notes that Professor Lemley's reference to the lack of understanding by the transistor's inventors of the potential of the transistor ...

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Cameras in the courtroom from

Here’s a link to the SCOTUSBLOG discussing a bill that would compel the Supreme Court to televise its court proceedings: [Link]. I believe the Ninth Circuit is the only circuit court to provide video ...

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Supreme Court 2017 – Patent Preview from

by Dennis Crouch A new Supreme Court justice will likely be in place by the end of April, although the Trump edition is unlikely to substantially shake-up patent law doctrine in the short term. The ...

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The Crowley copying considered in context from

In the context of a post about Monica Crowley [ Why plagiarism took down Monica Crowley, Trump’s pick for a top national security post ], one commenter stated

I am conservative and I like Monica, but ...

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Ex parte Itagaki and Nishihara (PTAB 2016) from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- A great deal of angst has been generated by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board's decision, in Ex parte Itagaki and Nishihara, regarding the panel's application of Section 101 ...

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