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post image Biosimilars battle in clearing the way - Fujifilm v AbbVie continues from

While many of us were recovering from excessive helpings of turkey and Christmas pudding, a fascinating interim decision was handed down by Mr Justice Carr on 29 December in the biosimilars battle of Fujifilm Kyowa ...

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Top Stories of 2016: #11 to #15 from

By Donald Zuhn –- After reflecting upon the events of the past twelve months, Patent Docs presents its tenth annual list of top patent stories. For 2016, we identified twenty stories that were covered on Patent ...

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US FDA Issues Equivalence Guideline For Biosimilars Producers from

Biotherapeutic medicines are made out of living organisms and cannot be replicated. No generic medicines, which are exact copies of the reference product, can be made. The generic equivalent of a biotherapeutic would be biosimilars ...

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InterDigital leads PIPX public IP stock index to a 44.9% gain for 2016 from

The PIPX public IP licensing company stock index soared to a 44.9% increase in 2016, led by an impressive 86.3% move for InterDigital. With a market capital in excess of $3 billion, InterDigtal ...

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Top IP-Watch Stories Of 2016 Reflect Cutting Edge Issues, Lingering Concerns from

Hundreds of thousands of people visited articles on Intellectual Property Watch last year, and we published nearly 1,000 original articles. The year’s most-visited articles reflected a mix of new ideas and policies worldwide ...

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Post-Alice Enforcement of Computer-Assisted Patent Does Not Warrant Attorney Fees Award Under 35 U.S.C. § 285 from

Following a dismissal for lack of patentable subject matter, the court denied defendant's motion for attorney fees under 35 U.S.C. § 285 because plaintiff's litigation positions were not baseless. "Although some courts ...

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Royalty for Ongoing Willful Infringement Awarded at Double the Rate Determined by Jury from

Following a jury verdict and failed mediation, the court granted plaintiff's motion for an ongoing royalty that was twice the rate determined by the jury. "[Defendant] counters that the rate determined by the jury ...

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Judge Wallach’s book “Jake and Me” from

I was not aware that Judge Wallach published a book in 2015.  It is entitled “Jake and Me” and set in Arizona in the 1920’s.  You can read more about it on Amazon at ...

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CAFC reverses ND Ill on indefiniteness point in Sonix case from

In sonix v. Publications International, the CAFC reversed the
determination of indefiniteness of ND Illinois.

Sonix Technology Co., Ltd. (“Sonix”) appeals from the
district court’s grant of summary judgment following its
determination that claims ...

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The business of re-purposing existing drugs for new indications from

The ScientistDaily has an article by Anna Azvolinsky entitled -- Repurposing Existing Drugs for New Indications.
An entire industry has sprung up around resurrecting failed drugs and recycling existing compounds for novel indications. --

Of interest is ...

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In re Van Os (Fed. Cir. 2017) from

"Intuitive" to Combine Insufficient to Support Obviousness Rejection By Joseph Herndon -- The Federal Circuit recently issued a decision in an appeal from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Patent Trial and Appeal Board in ...

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