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post image Permission to appeal in patent cases - farewell to the Pozzoli approach from

Is permission to appeal granted more readily in patent cases? Should it be? These are the issues considered by the Court of Appeal in last week's decision concerning an application for permission to appeal ...

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post image Around the IP Blogs from

American and European safe harboursOver on the Kluwer Copyright Blog they are discussing the American Vimeo Case decision which broadened the exemption for internet service providers (ISPs) in cases of copyright infringement ...

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post image Before there was copyright there was censorship: the tale of "The Feast in the House of Levi” by Veronese from

When one thinks about censorship, he or she usually has in mind restrictions imposed on the contents, reproduction and distribution of printed works. Indeed, for over a century before the first enactment of a copyright ...

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News from Abroad: Antibodies in the European Patent Office from

The following article was reprinted with permission from J A Kemp. The European Patent Office (EPO) continues to grant many patents relating to antibodies, and in doing so applies the same patentability criteria as to ...

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ECJ Advocate General Says EU Commission Cannot Make Trade Deals Without Member States from

Not all parts of the European Union-Singapore trade agreement "fall within the EU’s exclusive competence and therefore the agreement cannot be concluded without the participation of all of the Member States." This is the ...

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US Supreme Court Eyes Patent-Enforced Post-Sale Restrictions from

Few were surprised when, earlier this month, the US Supreme Court agreed to hear the appeal in Impression Products, Inc. v. Lexmark International. The case presents two important patent law issues, and the lower court ...

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No Disqualification of Plaintiff’s Counsel for Simultaneous Representation of Defendant in Unrelated Litigation from

The court denied defendant's motion to disqualify plaintiff's new counsel for simultaneously representing defendant in an unrelated state case because disqualification would impose a substantial hardship on plaintiff. "By undertaking representation of [defendant ...

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Enough is enough: Apple files antitrust complaint against multiple Nokia privateers from

PatentlyApple was first to report on Apple's antitrust case against Acacia and other patent assertion entities (PAEs) that Nokia is using to extract, in the aggregate, excessive license fees from Apple and other companies ...

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Switzerland Rises In USTR List Of ‘Notorious’ Markets For IPR Infringing Goods from

The United States Trade Representative’s office today released its annual “notorious markets” for intellectual property-infringing goods, with a list of 21 online and 12 physical markets worldwide. Many of the online sites are based ...

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