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post image Will Iceland's EU trade mark end up on ice? from

The supermarketAs the Northern European weather turns to a cold chill, a trade mark dispute is just starting to heat up...

Iceland is known for its chilly temperatures and occasional financial difficulties.  It is also ...

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Application of problematic CJEU ruling on copyright infringement by hyperlinks is getting out of hand from

The European Union, which is already dysfunctional in some even more important regards, threatens to become the world's craziest, most innovation-hostile copyright jurisdiction. Copyright rationality is facing a two-front war in Europe:

  • Just last ...

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Etienne Klein of the Ecole Centrale in Paris responds to charges of copying without attribution from

On 5 December 2016, Le Monde reported on plagiarism charges against Etienne Klein, Professor at the Ecole Centrale in Paris, Director of Research at the Office of the Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), President of the ...

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Who really created the PHOSITA, the Frankenstein monster? from

As discussed in the IPBiz post
PHOSITA, the Frankenstein from the US Supreme Court?
, a 1966 article by Soans used the word "Frankenstein" to describe PHOSITA, which creature was supposedly created by the courts. In ...

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