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post image Book Review: Copyright Beyond Law from

This Kat was very excited when she heard about "Copyright Beyond Law: Regulating Creativity in the Graffiti Subculture" by Mart Iljadica with Bloomsbury Press. The perfect opportunity to top up her hipster street art card ...

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post image Mr Justice Carr's decision in Victoria Plumb is about Adwords (honest) from

Would a reasonably attentive internet user be able
to identify the difference between the two?
Adwords.   Remember them?  About five years ago, we seemed to be height of the adwords battles.  Since then, matters have ...

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post image Filing Patent Lawsuits from

According to estimates from LexMachina, the number of U.S. Patent Lawsuits filed in 2016 is set to be significantly lower than any year since enactment of the AIA Non-Joinder Rules.*  While infringement actions are ...

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Attorney-investor is willing to share patent filing costs & risks with clients from

Many law firms still seek to participate in the outcome of clients’ patent litigation, but few are willing to share the cost of obtaining and maintaining invention rights, which frequently turn out to be worthless ...

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As WIPO Begins Traditional Knowledge Negotiations, Nations Swap Experiences from

A seminar was organised by the World Intellectual Property Organization to provide a discussion platform on the eve of this week’s meeting on the protection of traditional knowledge, and as a way for countries ...

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Kenya: Collective Management Organisations In Danger After Court Questions Their Role from

NAIROBI, Kenya -- A ruling this month by a Kenyan court that artists, performers and musicians cannot be compelled or forced to join a collective management organisation (CMO) to collect royalties on their behalf could spell ...

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“Long-Shot” Motion for Attorney Fees Does Not Warrant Rule 11 Sanctions After Octane from

The court denied plaintiff's motion for Rule 11 sanctions for defendant's unsuccessful motion for attorney fees. "[Defendant's] section 285 motion was quite light on support. However, the court finds an award of ...

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BREAKING NEWS: UK signals green light to Unified Patent Court Agreement from

It is very difficult making predictions, especially about the future.

This Kat, if you had asked him last week, would have suggested that the most likely outcome for the Unified Patent Court was (in no ...

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Exhaustion and Conditional Sales from

The Supreme Court has again relisted Impression Products petition for writ of certiorari – further raising the prospect that the exhaustion case will be heard.  Ticking almost all of the boxes, Impression has top Supreme Court ...

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WHO Group Suggests New Name For Falsified Medicines, Dropping ‘Counterfeit’ from

A widely representative World Health Organization technical working group has recommended new terminology for substandard or falsified medicines, after years of sharp disagreement among WHO members that led to the tongue-twister: “substandard/spurious/falsely-labelled/falsified ...

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Antigua & Barbuda To Lift US IP Protection In 2017 If US Fails To Comply With WTO Ruling from

Caribbean nation Antigua & Barbuda has declared that it will exercise an option granted it by a World Trade Organization dispute settlement panel to lift protection on US intellectual property rights starting in 2017 if the ...

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