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post image Announcing JIPLP Conference on the Present and Future of EU and UK Copyright from

A preview of the
JIPLP copyright conference
The Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice (JIPLP), published by Oxford University Press, is thrilled to announce that it is organising a conference on the present and future ...

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post image Around the IP blogs from

This InternKat has been looking around… to bring you a round-up of recent posts from other IP blogs. Enjoy.Literally... 
MARQUES Class 46 reminds readers of the publication of the Final European Trade Mark Reports ...

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post image East meets West: the EU-China IP Forum (part 1/2) from

This InternKat, as a Chinese blogger, had particular pleasure in attending the 2nd EU-China IP Forum in London (Nov. 8th) organized by IP Key and the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS), Queen Mary University ...

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post image Patent Claim Counts from

When judging infringement of a patent and the patent’s validity, we do not look to the patent as a whole but rather to the individual patent claims.  To win its case, a patentee need ...

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post image Economic Nationalism and the U.S. Patent System from

by Dennis Crouch Part of President-Elect Trump’s focus is on short-term “economic nationalism” — what we call “America First” and against the “false song of globalism.”  In a set of upcoming posts we’ll walk ...

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Resale Royalty Right: A Way To Redress Imbalance In Copyright Revenue, WIPO Told from

When visual artists sell their work, they usually perceive a price for that work. If it is resold at a much higher price, some countries provide for a resale right, providing artists with resale royalties ...

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WHO Director Candidates Nabarro, Szócska Speak On Medicines Prices And IP from

Candidates from around the world vying to be the next director general of the World Health Organization in recent weeks have presented their views to member states on a range of public health issues. Two ...

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UN Secretary-General Urges Action On High-Level Panel Report On Medicines Access from

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today issued a message praising the report of a High-Level Panel on access to medicines he set up a year ago to address the continuing problem of medicines prices being ...

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Expert’s Use of Aspirational Royalty Rates No Basis for Excluding Testimony from

The court denied defendant's motion to exclude the testimony of plaintiff's damages expert as unreliable because it was based on aspirational royalty rates. "[Defendant] argues that [plaintiff's expert] cannot use [the] announced ...

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EFF’s narrow position on university tech transfer is “wildly misguided” from

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is attempting to paint a scarlet letter on universities with public funding who benefit from sharing discoveries with those best-equipped to monetize them. The organization’s suggested sanctions for those ...

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Looks Are Not Everything; Professor Amy Adler’s Future of Art from

Earlier this month, Osgoode Hall Law School welcomed Amy Adler, New York University’s Emily Kempin Professor of Law, to present on copyright and the future of art. Professor Adler is a leading scholar of ...

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Utility Emphasis Lacking in the Examination of Aggregations from

The distinction between combinations and aggregations is a well-accepted principle of patent law. A combination is an assemblage of known elements whose combined use leads to a result that is different from the sum of ...

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