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post image Around the IP Blogs! from

Did you read the latest wonderful posts of some IP blogs? If not, this InternKat is delighted to help you out!

Check it out, kitten!David Liao summarized on The 1709 Blog  a number of ...

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USPTO Proposes Revisions to Materiality Standard from

By Donald Zuhn -- On October 28, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published a notice of proposed rulemaking in the Federal Register (81 Fed. Reg. 9451), proposing revisions to the materiality standard for the ...

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South Centre, FAO Sign Agreement Promoting Tech Transfer, Innovation from

The intergovernmental South Centre and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation have signed a five-year agreement to help the global south fight malnutrition, reduce poverty, and address climate change consequences. The memorandum of understanding ...

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USPTO Proposed to Revise Rule 56 from

by David Hricik [Originally published on Nov 1] The announcement is here.  I will be submitting comments before the 12/27 deadline, and so if you have any ideas or thoughts, please post away.  The ...

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Pharma, Pain and Punditry: Mark your calendar for AIPPI's end of year events from

The IPKat was walking behind the AIPPI logo the
other day and was struck by how much it
resembles the face and whiskers of a Kat...
For readers who love pharma and their instructing lawyers ...

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Consultation Calls On Countries To Revise IP Laws Preventing Implementation Of Farmers’ Rights from

A global consultation on farmers’ rights recently co-organised by Indonesia and Norway provided recommendations to the international plant treaty, calling for the establishment of an ad hoc working group on farmers’ rights. They also recommended ...

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Video Content Distribution Patents Invalid Under 35 U.S.C. § 101 from

The court granted defendant's motion to dismiss because the asserted claims of plaintiff’s video content distribution patents encompassed unpatentable subject matter and found that the claims were directed toward an abstract idea. "[Plaintiff ...

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Report: Use Of Social Media And Apps Under Assault; China Is Worst Abuser – Worse Than Syria from

Governments around the world are increasingly cracking down on use of communications apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. Of the 65 countries assessed, governments in 24 impeded access to social media and communication tools, up from ...

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Director Lee: IP is a Necessary Key Piece of President-Elect Trump’s Promised Economic Growth and Job Creation from

Today, USPTO Director provided her first Post-Election speech that includes some thoughts on IP policy after Obama. I believe the incoming administration must and will continue our effort to promote innovation fueled by a strong ...

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Patentlyo Bits and Bytes by Anthony McCain from

Steve Brachmann: Hasbro Faces Copyright Infringement Claim Over My Little Pony Gaming App Tony Dutra: Trump Silent On Patent Law, But PTO Leadership Change Coming Tom Casano: How Trademark Law Harms Peoples’ Lives And Wealth ...

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Automotive companies fighting for FRAND: Daimler, Hyundai join Fair Standards Alliance from

About four to five years ago, there was a time when "FRAND Patents" would have been a more suitable name for this blog than "FOSS Patents": the pursuit of sales and important bans over standard-essential ...

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CAFC addresses nonanalogous art and "motivation to combine" in Unwired Planet; Google wins from

Unwired Planet lost its appeal against Google:

Unwired Planet, LLC (“Unwired”) appeals from the
final written decisions of the Patent Trial and Appeal
Board (“Board”) in Inter Partes Review (“IPR”) No. 2014-
00036 and Covered ...

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CAFC in Perfect Surgical : An attorney’s work in preparing a patent application is evidence of an inventor’s diligence from

Of the diligence issue:

A patent owner need not prove the inventor continuously
exercised reasonable diligence throughout the
critical period; it must show there was reasonably continuous
diligence. See, e.g., Tyco Healthcare Grp. v ...

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Outgoing USPTO Director Lee Sees Legislative Changes On IP In Next Administration, Congress from

Now in her final weeks in office, United States Patent and Trademark Office Director Michelle Lee today looked back over the Obama administration's work on patents and made predictions for the next administration due ...

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