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post image European Commission on Biotech Directive: tomatoes about to be squashed? from

This Kat had the pleasure of attending yesterday’s workshop on IP Protection of Biological Inventions organized by VIPS/ACBISand the University of Basle, featuring presentations by Ursula Kinkeldey (former chair BoA), Ewald Glantschnig ...

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post image The U.S. presidential election of 1876: votes, cannabis and intellectual property from

Let’s step back from the supercharged atmosphere of this week’s electoral events and focus on a curious side-show. First, perhaps for the sixth time in U.S. electoral history, the winner of the ...

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In re NuVasive, Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2016) from

By Andrew Williams -- The Federal Circuit remanded a final written decision of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board ("PTAB" or "Board") because the Board invalidated certain claims in a patent without providing adequate notice or ...

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Europe Assesses “Changed World” In Trade Politics from

European Union trade politicians in several meetings this week in Brussels reflected on the future of trade policy, also impacted by the US elections. “It is a changed world, period,” Iuliu Winkler, vice-chair of the ...

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Infringement City Blues (Make Ed Sheeran Wanna Holler) from

Flanked! Two Ed Sheeran songs now face copyright infringement actions. One alleges Sheeran’s “Photograph” copied a song called “Amazing” written for X Factor winner Matt Cardle. Richard Busch—also counsel for the Marvin Gaye ...

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No Laughing Matter: Copyright Protection for Jokes from

Some people just can’t take a joke. Other people have taken jokes, and it has landed them in court. Two recent American copyright cases offer an opportunity to look at the difficulties of protecting ...

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Fair Dealing: What Can Be (Fairly) Criticized? from

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” That remark might be trite, especially in the era of selfies and Instagram, but a book is more than just words and a photograph is more than just ...

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