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post image Urgent crowd sourcing request-- "ugly" clauses in IP agreements from

Alexander Tsoutsanis of DLA Piper has sent the following urgent request directed to Kat readers.

“Words will be words, but sometimes words end up in litigation, quite often in connection with interpreting agreements. Recent cases ...

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PTAB Update -- Patent Office Proposes Rule Amendment to Recognize Patent Agent-Client Privilege from

By Andrew Williams -- When Congress created the post-issuance proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board as part of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act ("AIA"), it did so with the recognition that they would be ...

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Linking to unlicensed content: Swedish court applies GS Media from

Is unauthorised linking to unlicensed content an act of communication to the public within Article 3(1) of the InfoSoc Directive and, if so, a potential copyright infringement?
Readers will promptly recall that last month ...

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Protecting Online Access To Safe And Affordable Medication from

High drug prices are a global public health crisis. This is mostly the case among lower income countries but also for citizens and residents in the US, where tens of millions are not filling prescriptions ...

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WHO: More Hepatitis C Patients Being Treated In Developing Countries; Price Still An Issue from

Innovations in medicine bring the hope of cure for millions of patients who can access them. When a novel effective hepatitis C drug was put on the market at very high prices, concerns erupted about ...

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High Quality Patents Could Keep Patent Trolls In Check In Europe, EU Report Finds from

A new report by respected economists under the European Commission has found that problems of patent assertion entities in Europe could be better controlled if patent quality stays high in the region. It also found ...

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Attorney's Former Representation of Plaintiff Justifies Disqualification of Defense Counsel from

The court granted plaintiffs' motion to disqualify defense counsel because of the appearance of impropriety. "The current configuration of counsel presents an inescapable appearance of impropriety. . . . The attorney in question worked for 186.7 hours ...

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Although Functionally Claimed, Court Imports Structural Limitations from Specification from

by Dennis Crouch – Note, the prevailing party here (Merck & Co.) is represented in this case by MBHB Partner Dan Boehnen. MBHB is a major sponsor of Patently-O. ProFoot v. Merck & Co. (Fed. Cir. 2016) This ...

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IP Dealmakers’ event Nov. 17-18 will focus on new opportunities; IP CloseUp readers can save $200 from

IP Dealmakers Forum is one of the more anticipated IP events of the year, especially for those engaged in patent licensing, sales, and M&A; transactions. It also of signficant interest to investors.  This year ...

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Standards Symposium Highlights Security, Privacy On Eve Of World Telecom Standardization Assembly from

The 2016 Global Standards Symposium (GSS2016) organised by the UN International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in Hammamet, Tunisia, this week in its conclusions heavily supported privacy by design and collaboration on privacy issues. The consensus of ...

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