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post image Never Too Late: If you missed the IPKat last week! from

Enjoying the latest IPKat wrap up......... Missed the latest IP news? Here’s the 118th edition of Never Too Late!
Rome Court of First Instance rules that copyright exceptions for news reporting and criticism/review ...

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Guest Post -- Recent Software Case Gives Important Lessons for Biotech from

By Nicholas Vincent* and Anthony D. Sabatelli** -- On September 13, the Federal Circuit held that a series of ordered combination of steps related to lip-synch software did not constitute an abstract idea, and was subsequently ...

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WHO Pandemic Influenza Advisory Group Meeting In Secret This Week from

The World Health Organization pandemic influenza framework advisory group is meeting this week, behind closed doors. A consultation is expected to take place on 20 October with stakeholders, and an information session has been organised ...

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EPO Staff Welcome Withdrawal Of Unpopular Disciplinary Proposals from

Pressure from staff and now from members of the European Patent Office governing body has forced EPO President Benoît Battistelli to withdraw controversial proposals for disciplining and investigating employees, the Staff Union of the EPO ...

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Conjoint Survey Excluded for Failure to Determine Economic Value of Patented Features Relative to Non-Patented Features from

The court granted defendant's motion to exclude the testimony of plaintiffs' damages expert regarding his choice-based conjoint consumer survey as unreliable. "[The expert's] study did not attempt to determine a real world price ...

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WIPO Wants Its Pro Bono Patent Lawyer Scheme To Aid Developing Countries’ Inventors from

Imagine you’re an inventor in the Philippines and want to file a patent for, say, a fishing implement you’ve invented, but your $9,000 a year income thwarts your ability to pay the ...

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John Marshall Law School CLEs on Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and European Patent Practice (EPP) from

The John Marshall Law School in Chicago is hosting two seminars for patent professionals: Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Seminar This two-day seminar offers an examination of current practice with regard to the PCT system for ...

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Eli Lilly Commits To Healthcare For 30 Million People In Middle-Income Countries And US By 2030 from

Pharmaceutical manufacturer Eli Lilly today announced a stepped-up commitment to provide improved access to quality healthcare for 30 million people in resource-limited settings by 2030.

The post Eli Lilly Commits To Healthcare For 30 Million ...

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Patent applicant CONSTANTIN EFTHYMIOPOULOS loses at CAFC, but Judge Newman dissents from

The ’141 application of CONSTANTIN EFTHYMIOPOULOS relates
to methods of treating or
preventing influenza by administering the drug
zanamivir1 by oral inhalation.

Judge Newman's dissent in In re EFTHYMIOPOULOS concludes:

It was undisputed that ...

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"Callisto" episode of CBS show "Bull" does patent law, sort of, on 18 October 2016 from

The technology at issue in a small Texas town involves blood clotting. The patentee Windermere is suing a woman who furthered his research and Bull and team are working defense. The case seems to be ...

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Purported Public Interest Group Challenges Drug Patent in Qui Tam Action from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- The intersection of patent law, drug regulations, creative lawyering, and commerce (if not outright greed) has once again arisen in a qui tam suit brought under 31 U.S.C. §§ 3729 ...

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