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post image The Long Awaited FTC Study on Patent Assertion from

After months of speculation that the FTC's long awaited FTC study on patent assertion entities was going to issue any day now, the study has finally issued. The press release is here, and the ...

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post image Other people's computers from

Zuckerberg covers his camera & mic
Via HackreadThe Internet of Things (IoT), which are devices connected to the internet, is gaining momentum.  On the positive side, the idea of being able to remotely activate your ...

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post image FTC Study on Patent Assertion Entity Activity from

The FTC has released its long awaited study on Patent Assertion Entity Activity. [FTC Report]   Using its subpoena power, the agency obtained data on more than 2000 patent holding companies, a minority of which have ...

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Guest Post -- The Emergent Microbiome: A Revolution for the Life Sciences -- Part VII, The Microbiology of the Built Environment from

By Nicholas Vincent* and Anthony D. Sabatelli** -- Many research efforts into the microbiome have focused primarily on the human microbiome, i.e., microorganisms within and on the body, and how changes in these microbial communities ...

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Fall Is A Time For Farewells, Hellos At UN Agencies, Law Offices, NGOs, Industry from

Highlighting the autumn, two United Nations agencies chose global figures to help them with their missions, another has a new website, and changed heads, while non-governmental organisations, law offices, and industry also saw numerous changes ...

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Vibrant Lauding Of “Historic” Marrakesh Treaty For The Blind At WIPO from

“Great victory”, “life-changing”, “historic milestone” - no adjectives were strong enough yesterday to celebrate the entry into force of the Marrakesh treaty at the World Intellectual Property Organization. The treaty, which went into effect on 30 ...

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Takeaways from the Emerging Legal Technology Forum from

On September 20, Thomson Reuters and MaRS LegalX presented the Emerging Legal Technology Forum to a filled auditorium in the MaRS Discovery District. The purpose of the forum was to examine how technology is currently ...

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Guest Post: Recalibrating Patent Venue from

In the following guest post, Professors Colleen V. Chien (Santa Clara) and Michael Risch (Villanova) follow up on their earlier work calling for patent venue reform. They have written a full article on the topic ...

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Feminist Copyright is Not a Non-Sequitor from

The University of Ottawa’s Shirley E. Greenberg Chair for Women and the Legal Profession was created to further the careers of women in the law and to research and advocate for legal reforms that ...

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Never Too Late: If you missed the IPKat last week! from

Have you so been busy changing your bad eating habits that you missed the IPKat last week? Don’t worry, here is the 116thedition of Never Too Late.
Book Review: WTO Dispute Settlement ...

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