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post image Book review: Global Governance of Intellectual Property in the 21st Century from

Navigating through intellectual property law and policy on the global stage can at times feel like being an apocryphal blind man trying to describe an elephant. The aspects and impressions are so different that without ...

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post image Never Too Late: If you missed the IPKat last week #Nevertoolate from

Distracted by something strange in your neighbourhood last week? Forgot to read the IPKat with as much attention as usual? Don't worry, the IPKat team can always be relied upon to answer the call ...

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Protective Order’s Special Handling Requirement for Confidential Information Not "Mere Boilerplate" from

The court referred to the magistrate judge defendant's motion for an order of contempt for plaintiff's disclosure of defendant's highly confidential information in open court. "By long tradition, when a lawyer wishes ...

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WTO Public Forum Opens Against Gloomy Global Trade Perspectives from

The 15th World Trade Organization Public Forum, an annual event meant to bring together stakeholders and members of the public to discuss trade issues, opened today. This year, the focus is on inclusive trade. During ...

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Network Neutrality in 1992 from

I've been remiss in blogging of late; I had a really busy summer and beginning of Fall. I have a bit more time now and hope to resume some blogging about papers and cases ...

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RMail: Is Eligibility a Proper Litigation Defense? from

Thus far, the Federal Circuit has successfully ducked any direct holding on whether eligibility under 35 U.S.C. 101 is a “condition of patentability” or a proper invalidity defenes.  Professor Hricik and I raised ...

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Ethicon v. Covidien: Delegation of Institution Decisions to the PTAB from

Ethicon has filed its expected petition for writ of certiorari challenging the USPTO’s delegation of IPR Institution Decisions to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.  I wrote about the case earlier: Crouch, What Powers ...

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Intergovernmental Organisations Swap Notes On Working For Inclusive Trade from

If world trade is to be more inclusive it needs to assess a populist backlash against trade that is occurring in different parts of the world, says Jean-Baptiste Velut, an associate professor at Sorbonne Nouvelle ...

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