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post image The illusion of design and the design of illusion from

When we think about designs, we usually focus on the visual. After all, designs are about the aesthetic qualities of objects. But there are times
when we can learn a lot about design by just ...

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PTAB’s Finding of No Corresponding Structure Does Not Alter Court’s Earlier Finding of No Indefiniteness from

The court granted plaintiff's cross-motion for summary judgment that its electromagnetic radiation testing patent was not invalid because the PTAB's findings during inter partes review did not provide a basis for the court ...

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Affinity II: Who Has the Burden for Alice Step II? from

by Dennis Crouch A few days ago I wrote about the Federal Circuit decision in Affinity Labs. v. DirecTV  affirming that Affinity’s U.S. Patent No. 8,688,085 claims an ineligible abstract idea ...

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To photocopy or not: Delhi High Courts grants universities carte blanche to photocopy for educational use from

The IPKat is delighted to receive this guest post from long time Katfriend Prashant Reddy  T. (details at the end of the post) about a remarkable recent decision from India.
The recent judgment of the ...

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Tridim Innovations LLC v., Inc. (N.D. Cal. 2016) from

"Computer Display System" Patent Found Invalid under § 101 By Joseph Herndon -- Tridim Innovations LLC sued, Inc. for patent infringement of U.S. Patent Nos. 5,838,326 and 5,847,709 in the ...

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