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post image Philip Morris loses investment arbitration against Uruguay's anti-tobacco legislation from

Several months ago, the arbitral tribunal in the matter of Philip Morris v. Uruguay issued the first-ever award on the merits in an IP-related investment dispute. This was an event eagerly awaited by Katfriend ...

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post image Wikimedia, EDRI, and others call for EU Copyright Package to uphold DSM fundamental principles from

Wikimedia, EDRI, Application Developers Alliance, along with other associations advocating for digital rights and ONGs representing digital creators and platforms, addressed a letter [available here] to, among others, EU Commission's President Junker, Vice-President Ansip ...

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USPTO Issues Notice of Roundtable and Request for Comments on Importing Prior Art Automatically and Streamlining Patent Issuance from

By Donald Zuhn –- Last month, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published a notice in the Federal Register (81 Fed. Reg. 59197) requesting written comments regarding two issues: (1) how the Office can better ...

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Santa Clara – Duke Law Patent Quality Conference: Patent Quality – It’s Time from

Guest Post from Professors Arti Rai and Colleen Chien. “I know well the difficulty of drawing a line between the things which are worth to the public the embarrassment of an exclusive patent, and those ...

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Survey Finds Promising Future, Major Challenges For Augmented And Virtual Reality from

Optimism is said to exist about the future of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) following a survey completed by over 650 respondents in the industry. Though growth and investment are anticipated, concerns about ...

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Kenya In Drive To Get Artisans, Designers To Embrace IP from

NAIROBI, Kenya -- At a market stall in Kariokor some 300 metres from Kenya’s capital Nairobi city centre, Stephen Musyoka is busy at work making covers for handwoven baskets, a traditional sisal fibre shopping basket ...

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Electronic Trading Patent Likely Unpatentable Under 35 U.S.C. § 101 from

The Board granted institution of covered business method review of a patent directed to electronic trading under 35 U.S.C. § 101. "[C]laim 1, as a whole, recites a sequence for displaying and submitting ...

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IP Judges In Developing Countries Hand-Tied By Local Laws, Justice Says from

Enforcement of intellectual property rights can be unbalanced in developing countries because local laws are crafted in a way that makes it difficult for judges to bring balance in their rulings, a former justice from ...

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Samsung to Supreme Court: Apple has made a "remarkable about-face" on design patent damages from

This tit-for-tat took almost four years. In December 2012, Apple informed the United States International Trade Commission of what it portrayed as a "remarkable about-face" by Samsung in the form of withdrawing injunction requests in ...

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Step-One: Don’t Assume an Abstract Idea from

by Dennis Crouch McRO v. Bandai Namco, et al.  (Fed. Cir. 2016) In an important Eligibility case, the Federal Circuit has ruled that MRCO’s software patent claims are eligible — rejecting District Court Judge Wu ...

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Federal Circuit: results are ineligible for patenting, but processes for achieving a result can be eligible from

The Federal Circuit continued to refine the boundaries of patent-eligibility of software in 2016 with a new decision, McRO, Inc. v. Bandai NAMCO Games America, Inc. (Sept. 13, 2016), in which the court assessed whether ...

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CAFC reverses CD California on 101 issue; CAFC says claims patent eligible and FRCP 12(c) judgement reversed. from

In the case, MoloLamken LLP, Washington, DC, argued for plaintiff-appellant,
and prevailed over a stellar array of patent attorneys representing the various

The CAFC, in overturning a 101 ineligibility finding, mentioned the
words "unconventional ...

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Is it collaboration, or plagiarism (re-visited)? from

Approximately six years ago, in July 2009, IPBiz had a post which included the text:

Surprise! On July 21, Mike Masnick had a post Is It Cheating Or Is It Collaboration? with much of the ...

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Self-driving car in Japan in 2017 and ready for 2020 Olympics? from

The Japanese Cabinet Office’s Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program is funding 3D map programs, part of an effort to have self-driving cars on the road before the start of the Tokyo Summer Olympics in ...

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USPTO Director Michelle Lee before Congressional committee as to examiner hours issue from

Lisa Rein covered the appearance of Michelle Lee before a Congressional committee on 13 Sept 2016:

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Director Michelle K. Lee told lawmakers Tuesday that she and her team “do ...

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Group Of Nations Demand UN Investigative Report On WIPO Director from

About a dozen members of the World Intellectual Property Organization yesterday demanded to be provided with a report conducted by the United Nations Office of Investigation and Oversight Services (OIOS) on allegations against the WIPO ...

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McRO, Inc. v. Bandai Namco Games America Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2016) from

By Michael Borella -- Patentee McRO sued a number of video game developers and publishers in the Central District of California and the District of Delaware for alleged infringement of U.S. Patent Nos. 6,307 ...

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