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post image Milan Court of First Instance rejects application for 'blank' blocking order from

Every woman's dream:
a decoder card to watch
Champions League matches with her beau
Can a blocking injunction concern a target website as well as any possible top-level domains and other sites - without specifying ...

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post image SUPER KAT-EXCLUSIVE: Here's draft Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market from

Further to the leaked draft version of the Commission Staff Working Document - Impact Assessment on the modernisation of EU copyright rules, here's a new leak from Brussels!
It is the draft version of the ...

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post image PTAB reverses § 103 when secondary reference teaches image processing during capture where claim requires post-capture processing from

Takeaway: The Examiner rejected claims to user-initiated post-capture zoom processing of facial images as obvious over zoom processing taught by a primary reference in view of user-initiated zoom during image capture. The Applicant appealed, arguing ...

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WHO Debates Expansion Of Role In Virus-Sharing from

The global treatment of influenza is under reconsideration at the World Health Organization this week, as a review group of a WHO influenza pandemic framework looks at issues such as its relationship with an international ...

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Committee Agrees WIPO Strategic Plan: Possible Rethink For Norm-Setting from

With a degree of uncertainty foreseen for the global economy and intellectual property system in the next six years, the World Intellectual Property Organization in a new strategic plan looks at likely future policy debates ...

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Expert’s Royalty Rate Testimony Excluded for Failing to Calculate Starting Point for Georgia Pacific Analysis from

The court granted defendant's motion to exclude the testimony of defendant's damages expert concerning a reasonable royalty rate as unreliable. "[Defendant] contends [the expert's] opinion is inadmissible because it considers the Georgia-Pacific ...

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IG Report: Examiner Time and Attendance Abuses from

by Dennis Crouch The Department of Commerce Inspector General has released an important investigative report concluding that a substantial number of patent examiners are involved in “time and attendance abuse” — working unsubstantiated hours.  The unsubstantiated ...

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