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post image After the split: so is it HP, Hewlett Packard, Hewlett Packard Enterprise or what? from

Sometimes this Kat is puzzled by the selection of a company name (or names) after a corporate split, spin-off or acquisition. This Kat has previously shared his bemusement over the selection of the corporate name ...

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post image Master of its Domain: Infringement Verdict Could Mean Dominion Dominance in Advanced Metering from

Once in a long while a green patent lawsuit comes along that has the potential to have a major impact on a clean technology sector. A few that come to mind are GE’s litigation ...

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Supreme Court Oral Argument Recordings from

The OYEZ site is a great site for listening to recordings of oral arguments from the Supreme Court (going back to at least 1956). Here is a link to the oral arguments from patent cases ...

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Never Too Late: If You Missed the IPKat Last Week #Nevertoolate from

Uber and Netflix: The challenge of becoming a global brand

'Tell JK I'm still rolling, tell Russell I'm a brand'. Becoming a global brand isn't as easy as Tine Tempah makes it ...

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The Expert On IP For IP: Interview With Scott Bradner from

Fluent in both types of IP: Scott Bradner has been an architect of intellectual property (IP) policy for internet protocol (IP) standards. He played a core role in the development of internet protocol, leading to ...

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Summary Judgment on Anticipation from

Semcon Tech v. Micron (Fed. Cir. 2016) (non-precedential opinion) One narrative of the decision here could focus on the difference between the expert appellate court willing to dig into the language of the patent documents ...

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