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post image Wednesday Whimsies from

Is it autumn yet?ITMA Autumn Seminar. This year's ITMA Autumn Seminar will deal with "New Technology IP" on 6 October. With the future of IP shrouded in mystery, or at least, a bit ...

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US Agencies Seek Comment On Updated Antitrust Guidelines For IP Licensing from

In an age when licensing of intellectual property plays a critical role in business strategy, the United States Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission are seeking public comment on a proposed update of the ...

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US Government Announces Go-Ahead For IANA Transition By October from

The United States Commerce Department National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) this week confirmed it will hand over oversight of the internet domain name system root zone and other core internet infrastructure registries to the ...

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Court Fees - Do you know what to pay? from

The IPKat is grateful for this piece penned by Andy LeeSenior Associate at Brandsmiths.

Readers may recall that last September I contributed to an IPKat article on court fees which considered the possibility that ...

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CAFC affirms PTAB in Ericsson Inc. v. Intellectual Ventures I LLC, IPR2014-00527; IV's claims gone in US 7,496,674 from

In 2015-1947, the CAFC affirmed the PTAB under Rule 36 [ AFFIRMED. See Fed. Cir. R. 36. ], meaning that patentee-appellant Intellectual Ventures lost.

Of the PTAB case:

Patent Owner had filed a Motion to Exclude information ...

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Expanding the Scope of Ex Parte Reexaminations MidStream from

by Dennis Crouch A new petition by Pactiv (a Reynolds Co.) asks the Supreme Court to consider whether the PTO can expand the scope of an ex parte reexamination beyond the “substantial new question of ...

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Judge may order a new Oracle v. Google retrial over evidence unwisely withheld by Google from

Thanks to Twitter coverage by Mike Swift (MLex), Sarah Jeongg (Motherboard, EFF) and Ross Todd (The Recorder), I just had the opportunity to "follow" the Oracle v. Google post-trial motion hearing in the Northern District ...

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Number Of Unique Patent Assertions Declined Over Years, Patexia Finds from

Pedram Sameni of Patexia writes: We recently studied the PTAB data and suggested that although the rise and fall in litigation indirectly affected the rise and fall in IPR challenges, the true driver of IPR ...

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Publication of the Patent Case Management Judicial Guide (3rd edition) from

District Court judges (and their clerks) across the country now rely heavily upon Patent Case Management Judicial Guide – that has now published in its third edition.  Professor Peter Menell (Berkeley) has lead the multi-party effort ...

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Netsirv v. Boxbee, Inc. (PTAB 2016) from

By Michael Borella -- A post grant review (PGR) is an administrative reconsideration of a recent-granted U.S. patent. The proceeding is held in the USPTO, before that body's Patent Trial and Appeal Board. A ...

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