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post image BREAKING: Mr Justice Arnold refers questions on Article 3(b) SPC Regulation to CJEU from

The AmeriKat after the end of this term....With the swan song of this year's Trinity Term having ended today, the Patents Court has been a hive of activity.  Last minute applications, end of ...

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post image Costs of ISP blocking injunctions: is there really an EU rule? from

Yesterday the stunning London offices of Simmons & Simmons hosted a panel discussion on the implications of the recent Court of Appeal judgment in Cartier [here]
The debate also included the question of who should bear ...

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post image Friday Fantasies from

IPWeek Singapore 2016

InternKat, sifting through this week's newsThe 5th edition of IPWeek Singapore takes place this year from 22-24 August at Marina Bay Sands. The theme for the Global Symposium this year is ...

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post image Patent litigation as a branding tool: Huawei v Samsung from

This Kat never quite understood the motivations for the Apple-Samsung smartphone wars. Maybe the reason was as simple as often portrayed. The late Steve Jobs was incensed at what he felt was a gross misappropriation ...

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post image Clean Tech in Court: Green Patent Complaint Upate from

A number of new green patent infringement complaints were filed in May and June in the areas of green cleaning solvents, LEDs, lighting control technology, smart thermostats, smart meters, and water meters.   Green Cleaning Solvents ...

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Brexit Could Have Broad Impact On UK Audiovisual Sector from

It is too soon to say precisely what impact the United Kingdom's departure from the European Union might have on Britain's audiovisual sector, but among other things, Brexit could bring changes to the ...

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Olympic Games: Trademark Revenues Are High Stakes from

With a budget of over 2 US$ billion, the Brazilian Olympics rely heavily on commercial sponsors and licensing for revenue. Protecting the Olympic symbols is thus an imperative for the games with stringent rules on ...

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List Of Geneva Delegates Responsible For IP Updated from

There are many, many committees, councils, panels, meetings, receptions, conferences, assemblies - not to mention countless private lunches, coffees and other meetings - during the year in Geneva that address policy issues related to intellectual property, innovation ...

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Halo Does Not Require Vacating Enhanced Damages Award from

The court denied defendant's motion to vacate the court's award of enhanced damages issued the same day as Halo. "[Defendant] identifies no procedural basis for its Motion . . . which would inform the Court’s ...

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Hospira v Genentech - revocation of patents confirmed on appeal from

The Court of Appeal handed down its decision yesterday in Hospira v Genentech (with the first instance decision reported by this Kat here).  As is often the case when an appeal decision upholds a first ...

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Howdy Doody: some IP angles and "past as prelude" from

History records the first Presidential inaugural to be televised as that of President Truman on January 20, 1949:

First Presidential Inauguration on Television

Lots of camera pans and animated live narration by NBC’s Ben ...

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ADVANCED GROUND INFORMATION SYSTEMS [AGIS] loses at CAFC on 112(6), 112(2) issues from

Advanced Ground Information Systems, Inc. (“AGIS”)
appeals the decision of the United States District Court
for the Southern District of Florida in Advanced Ground
Information Systems, Inc. v. Life360, Inc., No. 14-cv-80651
(S.D. Fla ...

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The Likely Indefiniteness of Coined Terms from

by Dennis Crouch AGIS v. Life360 (Fed. Cir. 2016) In some ways the case here can be thought of as placing a higher definiteness burden on patentees when relying upon non-industry-standard language such as coined-terms ...

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