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post image Book Review: Innovation & IPRs in China & India from

The summer temperatures may send London into meltdown, but that doesn't mean that publications have stopped. Hot off the presses is, "Innovation and IPRS in China and India: Myths, Realities and Opportunities," edited by ...

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post image I’m a Limerick-al Gangsta from

Laura Robinson

Creativity abounds at our office, and especially when we spend a weekend together at the Oklahoma Bar Association’s Intellectual Property Law Section yearly meeting in Dallas.  After telling a few (very funny ...

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Amgen and Allergan Report Progress in Herceptin® Biosimilar Clinical Trial from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- In the late 1980's, Dennis Slamon discovered a new oncogene, Her2/neu,that was amplified in 25-33% of human beast cancers. Slamon et al., "Studies of the HER2/neu ProtoOncogene ...

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The “Denial Playbook”: An Original Product Of The Oil Industry from

New documents reveal that the oil and tobacco industries took pages from the same book to engineer their decade long campaigns on denying the existence of climate change and smoking-related cancer. The playbook also appears ...

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New French Law Opens Market For Non-Profits Selling Public Domain Seeds from

New legislation on biodiversity has been adopted by the French National Assembly, opening doors for the sharing and selling of seeds in the public domain to amateur gardeners. For some associations that had been illegally ...

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Commitment On Investment In Access To Essential Medicines Signed At UNCTAD14 from

NAIROBI, Kenya (IP-Watch) - A commitment signed this week to facilitate investment in Africa’s pharmaceutical industry is expected to boost the sector’s production and make available essential medicines for millions of needy people.

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Washington Post inadvertently raises some (other) plagiarism issues from

In a post titled After Melania Trump’s plagiarism, the press hunts for more stolen speeches, Callum Borchers
wrote, as to speeches by Donald Trump Jr. and Mike Pence:

But as The Fix's Philip ...

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Report: Lifesaving New AIDS Drugs Remain Costly; Older Versions Get Cheaper from

DURBAN, South Africa - The international medical humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has found that prices of older HIV drugs continue to decline, but newer drugs remain largely expensive.

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Merges & Mattioli on the Costs and (Enormous) Benefits of Patent Pools from

Patent pools bundle related patents for a single price, reducing the transaction costs of negotiating patent licenses but creating the threat of anti-competitive harm. So are they a net benefit from a social welfare perspective ...

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