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post image US '627 [Method and apparatus for creating timewise display of widely variable naturalistic scenery on an amusement device ] may get some action from

The first claim of US Patent 9,317,627 to Johan Gielis states:

A method for creating timewise display of widely variable naturalistic scenery, including simulated plants, simulated other organisms or simulated landscapes, on an ...

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post image Quia timet, de minimus and Novartis v Hospira: Mr Justice Arnold speeds through Napp v Dr Reddy pain dispute from

The IPKat is ready for a busy end of termAfter a generally slow start to 2016 in terms of reported decisions emanating from the Patents Court, things have started to pick up in recent ...

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post image Paris Tribunal de Grande Instance rejects request to filter 'torrent' queries on Bing from

... possibly trueCan search engines be ordered to filter all results containing certain keywords or a combination of certain keywords?
In a nutshell, this was the issue that the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris ...

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post image Federal Court of Justice greenlights colour mark red from

Red.In the ongoing dispute between the Sparkassen Group and Banco Santander, which led to the CJEU's decision in cases C‑217/13 and C‑218/13, the German Federal Court of Justice (BGH ...

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Free Trade Agreements Threaten Farmers’ Rights, Food Security, Group Says from

Small farmers around the world are threatened by new free trade agreements, a civil society group has argued. Those agreements go beyond the requirements of agreed international intellectual property rules and jeopardise the ability of ...

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The Significance Of Uruguay’s Win Over Philip Morris International from

The tobacco industry’s global efforts to use bilateral and multilateral agreements to challenge the spread of tobacco control measures such as trademark-minimising plain packages were dealt a significant blow last week when the World ...

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The New York Times on the Melania Trump matter from

In a post Melania Trump, Plagiarism, and How Much Does It Matter? , the New York Times quoted the Washingtonian:

The Washingtonian wrote: “According to Turnitin, a plagiarism-checking website that examines 200,000 papers a day ...

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Patents are rights, not privileges; Jefferson story is “historical myth” from

Is it any wonder why patents are widely despised and holders mistrusted? Patents and other IP rights have been caught in the perfect storm of anger towards the government, the entitled, and ideas too complex ...

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When Life Gives You Lemons, Make (Your Own) Lemonade: Beyoncé Sued for Her Latest Album Trailer from

Beyoncé’s Lemonade left a sour taste in at least one person’s mouth. Matthew Fulks, a Louisville-based filmmaker and creative director at the WDRB Kentucky news station, is taking the singer to court for ...

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