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post image Never Too Late: if you missed the IPKat last week from

Will publicity rights help the individuals featured in
Kanye's typically tasteless new music video?The summertime is supposed to be the silly season: the time of year when frivolous news stories come to the ...

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post image E-Sport in the French Digital Republic Bill from

Jean-Sébastien MariezFrench Government is currently engaged in a number of initiatives in the area of internet governance, including net neutrality, open data, e-privacy, connectivity, and e-sport. All this is within the framework of the ...

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post image Aspartame is back--and is Pepsi playing by a new branding playbook? from

As trademark attorneys, we have an ambivalent relationship regarding generic terms. On the one hand, we are trained to warn our clients against such marks because they fail the basic function of a trademark, namely ...

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New Book: Ways To Address CBD, Nagoya Protocol Hurdles For Public Research from

A new book provides ways for public research to avoid legal battles over genetic resources in the fields of agriculture, biomedicine, environmental management and microbiology by making best use of an international protocol on access ...

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Trade Experts: Financing Not IP Slows Down Adoption Of Clean Energy Technologies from

Constraints on financing, restrictions on services and not so much access to technology emerged as one of the biggest challenges in the innovation, deployment and diffusion of clean energy technologies during an unusual session last ...

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Re Facebook Biometric Information Privacy Litigation from

Canadian users of Facebook may be familiar with the process of “tagging” photos – adding the names of the people to images – but they may not be familiar with the ‘Tag Suggestion’ feature on Facebook. Tag ...

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Maltz v Witterick: Facing the Facts on Copyright Protection for Historic Events from

During the Holocaust, a Polish Catholic single mother, Francizska Halamajowa, secreted 15 Jews away from the Nazis. Two families hid for years in the hay loft of her pigsty, while another family lived under the ...

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Obviousness for Pharma/BIO from

The new petition for writ of certiorari in MacDermid v. DuPont focuses on the central question of U.S. patent law – obviousness. In the case, the patent challenger asks that the Supreme Court reinvigorate the ...

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Letters from Congress Seek Clarification from USTR Regarding Position on Compulsory Licenses from

By Donald Zuhn -- Last month, we reported on a letter sent by three Colombian organizations to the Chairman of the World Health Organization (WHO) 2016 Consultative Expert Working Group on Research and Development: Financing and ...

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