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post image Guest Post: U.S. Patent Practitioner Trends of 2016 – Part I from

By Zachary Kinnaird, Patent Attorney with International IP Law Group, PLLC As an update to last year’s write-up on this topic, 1,210 new U.S. patent practitioners earned registration numbers in 2015, a ...

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post image Book Review: IP Strategy, Valuation and Damages from

I learned a few things reading this book. One, don’t judge a book by its green cover, and two, the IP valuation world is fascinatingly complex. A new book by Michelle Rakiec and Stevan ...

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post image Brexit and UK copyright: the story of a loss from

On 23 June 2016 UK voters decided that their country would be better off outside the EU. 
To say the least, the historical outcome of the Brexit referendum will have a tremendously serious impact on ...

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post image Wednesday Whimsies from

US Chamber Report measures the magnitude of global counterfeiting

Counterfeiting copycats are everywhere!According to the recent Counterfeiting Report from the Global Intellectual Property Center (GIPC) part of the Chamber of Commerce, global counterfeiting remains ...

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A Comprehensive And Fair Solution To The Price Of Medicines from

Amid public outcry, political battles and media articles, no one seems to understand how, exactly, medicines prices are set. For years, pharmaceutical research companies have cited the large investment of time and resources that go ...

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Embassy In London Under Siege, IP A Neo-Liberal Pillar, Ecuador Minister Says from

A top Ecuadoran official said today at the United Nations in Geneva that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s health is deteriorating after four years confined in the Ecuadoran embassy in London, while the United Kingdom ...

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Unified Patents Members Not Real Parties-in-Interest from

In the decision granting inter partes review, the Board rejected the patent owner's arguments that institution should be denied for failure to identify all real parties-in-interest. "The mere fact that members provide payment to ...

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Russian IP Industry At Center Of Massive Scandal from

The Russian IP industry is in the center of a massive scandal, caused by the yesterday’s arrest of Sergei Fedotov, director general of the Russian Authors' Society (RAO), a public association, which is responsible ...

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Prof. Radin’s Patent Notice and the Trouble with Plain Meaning from

By Jason Rantanen Professor Margaret Radin, who recently retired from the University of Michigan Law School, is a leading scholar known for her work in property theory, contracts law, intellectual property, and internet commerce.  She ...

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Musicians want fairer streaming fees; inventors want patent licenses from

In a digital world, fair compensation for creative expression or new ideas, like music and inventions, requires more determination than ever. Intellectual property piracy has become an insidious problem, affecting a wide range of  individuals ...

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African Group Proposes Patents And Health Programme At WIPO from

This week in the World Intellectual Property Organization patent law committee, the African Group submitted an updated proposal for a work programme on patents and health that would help developing countries tailor patent law to ...

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CAFC handles USPTO roughly in LF Centennial Limited: the fallacy of the undistributed middle from

From the CAFC decision:

...the Director suggests a side panel can be a spine. That suggestion is fallacious: it employs a version of the fallacy of the undistributed middle, ...

link: ...

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US Sees Weak African IP Protection, But None Removed From Unilateral Trade Benefits from

The Office of the United States Trade Representative today (29 June) released its annual report on the eligibility of African nations for unilateral trade benefits offered by the US, and while a number of countries ...

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Congress Jumps on Bandwagon to Reduce Biologic Drug Exclusivity Term from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- Ever since the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act (BPCIA) was passed along with the rest of the healthcare law commonly called "Obamacare" in 2010, the Obama Administration has included in ...

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