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post image The Pendulum Swings: US Supreme Court Makes it Easier to Obtain Patent Enhanced Damages from

Is the U.S. Supreme Court pro-patent or anti-patent?  One of my favorite books on patent reform is by economists Adam B. Jaffe and Josh Lerner titled, "Innovation and its Discontents: How Our Broken Patent ...

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Defendants’ Unexplained Delay Filing IPRs Warrants Denial of Litigation Stay from

The court denied defendants' motion to stay pending inter partes review and found that the undue prejudice to plaintiff resulting from defendants' delay in filing their petitions weighed against a stay. "Defendants did not file ...

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End of the Road for Ethicon’s Anti-Delegation Argument? from

by Dennis Crouch In a 10-1 decision, the Federal Circuit has rejected Ethicon’s petition for en banc rehearing on the question of  whether the USPTO Director improperly delegated IPR institution decisionmaking. Ethicon will likely ...

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Announcing the Winners of the Gowling WLG Best Blog in IP Law and Technology Prize from

IP Osgoode would like to congratulate the winners of the Gowling WLG Best Blog in IP Law and Technology Prize for 2015-2016.  Four prizes in total are awarded each year to Osgoode students and the ...

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Gray on Claims Turns Seven Years Old from

This blog started in June 2009.  It is still hard for me to wrap my head around that fact.  Seven years and 185 posts later, it is still here (though a bit dormant I admit ...

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Changes to Ontario’s Health Information Privacy Law Include Breach Notification, Increased Penalties from

The re-posting of this article is part of a cross-posting agreement with CyberLex. Notification to affected individuals and regulators will be required in the event of unauthorized use or disclosure of personal health information under ...

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Enganging IP book for students is free via iBooks or PDF, $.99 Kindle from

The US intellectual property system is the envy of nations everywhere. Despite this, confusion reigns about what are patents and other IP rights, and whom do they serve. A new book has been published that ...

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OECD Ministerial On Internet: Trust, But Whom? from

Beware “digital protectionism.” That was one of the key messages of United States Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker, speaking at the official opening of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Ministerial on the digital ...

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CAFC in Immersion v. HTC case: same day continuation filing is all right from

This case involves one necessary condition, under 35
U.S.C. § 120, for treating a patent application, filed as a
continuation of an earlier application, as having the
earlier application’s filing date, not its ...

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