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post image The Avengers, Diana Rigg and Marvel Comics: When confusion is not confusion from

Why is confusion sometimes tolerated? Case in point— “The Avengers”. What comes to mind, it seems, depends upon your generation. Recently, this Kat was speaking with a colleague about this Kat’s fond recollections of ...

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post image Rome Court of First Instance says that ISP's unjustified delay in removing infringing content ... removes safe harbour protection from

When does an internet service provider (ISP) lose its safe harbour protection because, upon obtaining actual knowledge or awareness of third-party illegal contents, it has not acted expeditiously to remove or disable access to such ...

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Sustainable Resources & Green Tech, E-Commerce On TRIPS Council Agenda from

The agenda of next week’s meeting of the World Trade Organization council on intellectual property will include an item on sustainable resources and environmental technology, and a proposed discussion on electronic commerce. These are ...

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Data Security Patent Unpatentable Under 35 U.S.C. § 101 Despite Enfish from

In a final written decision, the Board found claims of a patent directed to a data security system unpatentable under 35 U.S.C. § 101. "[W]e are persuaded by Petitioner that the claims are ...

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Q&A With Erich Spangenberg On Patents And Drug Prices from

Prices for drugs have long been a problem for developing countries but now have become out of reach for many in developed countries, sparking policy debates and efforts to address it. One of the top ...

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Supreme Court Patent Update: 271(e) Safe Harbor from

by Dennis Crouch Look for opinions in Halo/Stryker and Cuozzo by the end June 2016. Post Grant Admin: While we await Cuozzo, a set of follow-on cases continue to pile-up.  My speculation is that ...

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Trademark issues with The Avengers from

IPBiz notes that IPKat has raised the marking issue as between the 1960s tv show "The Avengers" and the use of the Avengers name in the “Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films”:

What is interesting is ...

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Talking on sunshine: Alexander Bell transmits voice via light modulation on June 3, 1880 from

What did Alexander Graham Bell think his greatest invention to be? If you believed him to say the telephone, you would be wrong. Bell considered the photophone his greatest invention.

On June 3, 1880 (four ...

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Inducing Infringement: Procedural Limits on the Reasonable Non-Infringement Belief from

by Dennis Crouch On remand from the Supreme Court vacatur, the Federal Circuit has reaffirmed its prior NuVasive decision and – in the process limited the reach of the Supreme Court’s 2015 decision of Commil ...

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Patentlyo Bits and Bytes by Anthony McCain from

Sarah Garber: Avoiding Alice Rejections With Predictive Analytics Joseph Herndon: Corelogic v. Boundary Solutions Joseph Mandour: Justin Bieber And Skrillex Sued For Copyright Infringement Victoria Heckstall: What The Samsung/Apple Lawsuit Can Teach Us About ...

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IP-Watch Seeking Freelance Writers from

Intellectual Property Watch is seeking occasional Freelance Writers based in the Washington DC Metro area, San Francisco Bay area, and in Brussels or London. Writers will assist with reporting, writing and publishing stories on international ...

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