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post image Data on Federal Circuit Appeals and Decisions from

By Jason Rantanen A few months ago, I wrote that the Federal Circuit is now receiving more appeals arising from the Patent and Trademark Office than the District Courts.  As of the end of May ...

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post image Life as an IP Lawyer: Düsseldorf, Germany from

The AmeriKat's professional life, be it on the Kat or sat at her desk litigating her hours away, involves a huge amount of coordination, support and opposition with lawyers from all over the world ...

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Innovation And Access: Fission Or Fusion? Interview with Dr. Kristina M. Lybecker, Associate Professor of Economics at Colorado College from

In the light of the UN High-Level Panel on Access to Medicines, this series of sponsored articles challenges experts to give their views on the policies that best support the development of solutions to societies ...

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The Artificial Intelligence Revolution from

A few thoughts on Prof. Jean-Gabriel Castel’s talk, Fully Autonomous Artificial Super-Intelligence: Is it a threat to the human race or a blessing? How can it be controlled? Introduction Before they died, my parents ...

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Computer Memory Hierarchy Patent Invalid Under 35 U.S.C. § 101 Despite Enfish from

The court granted defendant's motion to dismiss because the asserted claims of plaintiff’s computer memory hierarchy patent encompassed unpatentable subject matter and found that the claims were directed toward an abstract idea. "[T ...

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At WIPO, US Plays Hypotheticals With Swiss Law On Disclosure Of Genetic Resources In Patents from

With discussions in full swing at the World Intellectual Property Organization on how to protect genetic resources in intellectual property rights, and in particular whether the disclosure of the source of genetic resources should be ...

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Design Patent Damages at the Supreme Court from

by Dennis Crouch Samsung has filed its opening merits briefs in its design patent damages appeal Samsung v. Apple.  The central issue in the case is the proper statutory interpretation of the design patent damages ...

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Interview- Indigenous Concern Over Growing Focus On IP In WIPO TK Talks from

Indigenous peoples have been the victims of repeated acts of biopiracy while the international community has failed to act to prevent it, indigenous representatives said in an interview this week. The World Intellectual Property Organization ...

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Corelogic, Inc. v. Boundary Solutions, Inc. (PTAB 2016) from

Patent Directed to Geographic Parcel Boundary Maps (for Tax Purposes) Not a Covered Business Method By Joseph Herndon -- On May 24, 2016, the U.S. Patent Office Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) issued a ...

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