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post image Chief Master Marsh calms fears of IPEC overburdening with new transfer and triage process from

The AmeriKat lost in thought
about how to value an IP claim
(c) Joe Delaney
Last week, the Kat published a guest post from James Sweeting (Lewis Silken) on the transfer and triage processes introduced ...

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post image SCHHH ... it's not a single brand from

The IPKat is very grateful to David Pellisé and Juan Carlos Quero of Pellisé Abogados in Barcelona, for telling him about a new reference that is fizzing its way to the Court of Justice of ...

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Countries Disappointed With WHO Reform Progress from

The World Health Organization secretariat this week reported to its member states on progress made in implementing sweeping programmatic, governance, and management reforms. The report? WHO has made progress, but there is still a long ...

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Unaffordable Medicines Now Global Issue; System Needs Change, Panellists Say from

At a side event to this week’s annual World Health Assembly, a member of the Netherlands Ministry of Health delivered an unexpected speech on access to medicines, calling for more clarity in the setting ...

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Innovation And Access: Fission Or Fusion? Interview With Tim Wilsdon, CRA Vice President from

In the light of the UN High-Level Panel on Access to Medicines, this series of sponsored articles challenges experts to give their views on the policies that best support the development of solutions to societies ...

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European Commission Floats Broad Package Of Reforms For Digital Single Market from

The European Commission today unveiled a raft of strategies aimed at boosting the European Digital Single Market (DSM). Among them, the EC rejected the idea of imposing one-size-fits-all rules on online platforms but said it ...

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Patents Directed to Categorizing Summarized Information Not Invalid Under 35 U.S.C. § 101 from

The magistrate judge recommended denying defendant's motion to dismiss the asserted claims of plaintiff’s patents for categorizing summarized information for lack of patentable subject matter because defendant failed to establish that the claims ...

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Spokeo: Will U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision Impact Privacy Damages in Canada? from

The re-posting of this article is part of a cross-posting agreement with CyberLex. The Spokeo decision’s requirement that there be a concrete injury in order to ground privacy damages is not just a U ...

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Leaked European Council Document On Major Evaluation Of EU Drug Affordability from

The 28 European Union member governments are preparing to request the European Commission to conduct an in-depth evaluation of the availability and affordability of EU medicinal products that could lead to changes in R&D ...

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CAFC addresses IPR amendment procedure in Aqua Products; PTAB's approach upheld from

The outcome of the appeal of an IPR decision in Aqua Products:

Aqua Products, Inc. (“Aqua”) appeals from the final written decision of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“Board”) in an inter partes review ...

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In re Aqua Products from

In re Aqua Products (Fed. Cir. 2016) In a short opinion, the Federal Circuit has reaffirmed the USPTO’s tightly restrictive approach to amendment practice in Inter Partes Review (IPR) proceedings.  Under the rules, a ...

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The Recent PTO Guidance on Subject Matter Eligibility: Lessons from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- A few years ago, former PTO Solicitor General Nancy Linck arose from the audience at the BIO International Conference to provide her thoughts on how the Office had responded to the ...

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