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post image Are academic publishers liable for ginormous damages? from

Who owns the copyright in works created by university faculty under US law is contested, and has recently become relevant with the advent of commercially valuable digital courses created by faculty members. It is also ...

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post image Never Too Late: If you missed the IPKat last week #Nevertoolate from

Busy week last week & missed the IPKat? Don't worry, the 97th edition of Never Too Late is here to bring you up to speed.

Quick! there's still time to catch last
week's ...

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In re TLI Communications LLC Patent Litigation (Fed. Cir. 2016) from

By Michael Borella -- This case is notable mainly because it is the first Federal Circuit decision to distinguish itself from Enfish LLC v. Microsoft Corp., and also because it is another reminder that the wall ...

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Guilty As Charged? Pakistan And The Special 301 Reports from

Owais Hassan Shaikh writes: According to the section of US law on Special 301 reports, a country may be considered a priority foreign country even when it is fully compliant with the WTO Agreement on ...

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Ways To Follow The #WHA69 Opening Today from

The 69th World Health Assembly (WHA) opens today in Geneva, with well over 3,000 participants and a record number of agenda items. For the 12th consecutive year, Intellectual Property Watch has a dedicated team ...

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2016 ‘Most Important Year For Antimicrobial Resistance In Our Lifetime’ – WHO Official from

This year is profoundly important in humanity’s future ability to stave off resistance to antibiotics and other medicines, a top World Health Organization official said on the eve of this week’s annual World ...

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Financial patent summit to focus on IP and cybersecurity, July 20-21 from

Fintech, or financial technology, is a rapidly growing industry with more than $15 billion of venture capital invested to date and even more on the part of financial institutions. An array of banks, e-commerce businesses ...

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WHO Director Advocates Strong Health Systems, Warns Against Profit-Oriented Mechanisms from

The World Health Assembly opened today with World Health Organization Director General Margaret Chan repeating that this year has a record number of agenda items and over 3,000 participants. She slapped at profit-seeking mechanisms ...

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NPE Plaintiff Utilizing In-House Litigation Counsel Must Agree to Prosecution Bar and Covenant Not to Sue on After-Acquired Patents from

In response to the parties' dispute concerning the scope of a protective order governing confidential information, the court ordered the parties to submit a revised order imposing a prosecution bar on plaintiff's in-house litigation ...

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SEP/FRAND Mediation and Arbitration Event from

This Kat would like to alert readers to the following:

WIPO and Queen Mary University of London's School of Arbitration are organising a seminar on 30 June 2016 on the theme of 'SEP/FRAND ...

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Judge Hughes and the New § 101 Dichotomy from

By Jason Rantanen Enfish v. Microsoft (Fed. Cir. 2016) Download Enfish Moore, Taranto, Hughes (author) In re TLI Communications Patent Litigation (Fed. Cir. 2016) Download TLI Panel: Dyk, Schall, Hughes (author) This month’s decision ...

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Strong Health Systems, Collaboration, Research Funding Before Innovation, Speakers Say from

The fight against epidemics cannot only rely on innovation, according to speakers at an event organised by the pharmaceutical industry alongside the annual World Health Assembly’s opening day. Strong health systems, collaboration of all ...

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Nova obtains a "win" on supplemental damages in the Dow case from

The US Supreme Court declined to hear the Dow case, which left intact the decision of the Federal Circuit on
supplemental damages.

Reuters reported:

At issue were $28 million in supplemental damages plus interest that ...

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Intelligent Bio-Systems, Inc. v. Illumina Cambridge Ltd. (Fed. Cir. 2016) from

By Andrew Williams -- Have you ever mixed up the obviousness determinations of "motivation to combine" and "reasonable expectation of success"? If so, you are apparently not alone -- the Federal Circuit recently faulted the Patent Trial ...

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