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post image Patent Applications and Grants Holding Steady for FY 2016 from

By Jason Rantanen We’re now halfway through financial year 2016, and so far patent application and grant numbers are looking similar to the past few years.  The below graph shows the number of UPR ...

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post image Patentability of user interface designs - Part 2 of 2: the German approach from

The German Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof, BGH) has developed its case law with regards to the patentability of user interface designs in a series of cases starting with X ZR 47/07 – reproduction of ...

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post image Lingering Doubts, Trade Secrets and Copyright Preemption from

In the United States elements of software have traditionally been protected by patent law, copyright law and trade secret law. The overlapping protection provided by multiple disciplines of intellectual property over software is relatively routine ...

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Database Security Patent Unpatentable Under 35 U.S.C. § 101 from

In a final written decision, the Board found claims of a database security patent unpatentable under 35 U.S.C. § 101. "[W]e are persuaded by Petitioner that the claims are directed to the abstract ...

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Despite Government Pledge, US Firms Say They Are Left On Own For Cyber Theft Protection from

The United States government continues to ratchet up its rhetoric against state-sponsored “cyber” theft of intellectual property, but private firms largely report that they have to take matters into their own hands.

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Obviousness roundup for April 2016 from

[Today's guest post is from Robert K S, who is a patent attorney from Cleveland, Ohio.]

Countering obviousness rejections can be both the most quotidian and the most challenging task of the patent practitioner ...

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Design Patentees from

Design patents continue to be a popular protection scheme for developers of consumer products and screen displays. Top ten assignees thus-far in 2016 with most recent examples: Samsung (Toner Cartridge)  [Samsung has 4x more design ...

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New Old Patents from

So far in 2016, the USPTO has issued three patents that claim priority pre-GATT.  These three are grandfathered in under the old 17-year-from-issuance patent term because they were filed before June 8, 1995. John Harvey ...

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Ocrelizumab and rituximab for multiple sclerosis {MS] from

Within medpagetoday on ocrelizumab :

It remains to be seen whether ocrelizumab beats out rituximab at slowing disease activity in MS, although this is a trial that isn't likely to be done given that Roche ...

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Plagiarism scandal at Daily News attributed to editing, but, in the end, judgment based on results, not intentions? from

Withing a post at the NY Times titled Daily News Editor Is Fired After Plagiarism Accusations , one finds the text:

He [Shaun King] was confident that the plagiarism accusations were false because, he said, he ...

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IP Should Serve More Actors In New Ways, Keynote Speaker At WIPO Says from

The much-advertised World Intellectual Property Organization conference on the digital content market kicked off this morning with a speaker calling for the broadening of intellectual property rights income as a way forward for a sustainable ...

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Section 101 – Pivotal Moment for Clarity on Patent Subject Matter Eligibility from

Guest post by Bart Eppenauer.  Mr. Eppenauer is the Managing Partner of the Seattle office of Shook Hardy & Bacon and former Chief Patent Counsel at Microsoft. In the interests of disclosure, Shook represents three of ...

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