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post image Hidden expertise in the UK Patents Court in Electromagnetic Geoservices v Petroleum Geo-Services dispute from

The IPKat hiding his expertise from patent litigants,
but not the court
The IPKat was delighted to receive this guest post from Katfriend Eibhlin Vardy on yesterday's decision from Mr Justice Birss about the ...

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post image Mwah, mwah! Kanye Kissing Kanye from

Evolution of a Kanye KissIn the world of Kardashians and Kanyes, an interesting derivative works discussion is brewing. A dispute over a satirical Kanye image hit the headlines when Jen Lewis, an illustrator, reported her ...

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post image Patentability of user interface designs - Part 1 of 2: the EPO approach from

According to Article 52(2)(d) European Patent Convention, „presentations of information“ as such (Article 52(3)) shall not be regarded as inventions. Like the exclusion of “programs for computers” in littera c of the ...

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Instructing the Expert - American Science & Engineering Inc v Rapiscan from

One of the key differences between the UK patent litigation system and the continental system is the role of expert evidence, in particular when it comes to inventive step. German courts consider obviousness to be ...

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Leaked IP Chapter Of Asian FTA Reveals Tough Rules For Poorer Partners, Civil Society Says from

The alleged intellectual property chapter of a secretive regional trade agreement between ten Asian countries was released yesterday by a civil society group, who claims richer countries in the group are pushing for stringent IP ...

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Failsafe Tips For Identifying And Developing Potentially Valuable Patents from

It’s easy to find valuable and useful patents, if you have small patent portfolios, but it can be a daunting task when portfolios contain hundreds or thousands of patents. Yet this task is critical ...

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McDowell & Vishnubhakat on the USPTO Patent Pro Bono Program from

Until I came across this new article by Jennifer McDowell (USPTO) and Saurabh Vishnubhakat (Texas A&M;), I'll admit I wasn't aware that the USPTO has a pro-bono program to provide free legal ...

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Orders Excluding Expert Testimony for Relying on Noncomparable Transactions from

In the quest to identify prior transactions to support damages opinions, experts sometimes push the bounds of comparability. Are litigation-induced licenses comparable to the hypothetical negotiation that would occur in the instant case? What about ...

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DTSA Moving Forward from

The House Judiciary Committee has taken the next major step toward implementation of the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 (DTSA).  In an unopposed voice vote the committee has approved the text of the already-passed ...

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House Judiciary Committee Unanimously Reports Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 from

By Josh Rich -- After a brief markup session in which no amendments to the bill were proposed, the House Judiciary Committee reported the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 to the House floor by unanimous ...

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