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post image Reissues from

Reissue applications have resumed their somewhat steady-state following the pre-AIA rise associated that had been associated with a counter strategy against third-party reexamination filings. For those issued thus far in 2016, the average reissue pendency ...

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post image Innocuous Innovation - The Rise of the Maintainers from

Combine the Global Financial Crisis, Occupy Wall Street, and now the Panama Papers, and there is a revolution at foot in economic thought.  In the last decade, we have seen the failure of macroeconomic models ...

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post image Will a virtual body be granting the future Unitary SPCs? from

Somewhere under this umbrella, the AmeriKat
is thinking about Unitary SPCs....
On a bleak Friday afternoon in London, with the rain soaking into her paws and the wind messing with her perfectly coiffured fur coat ...

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post image Royal Charter for Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys from

The IPKat' smile of delight at the
news of ITMA's Royal Charter
On Wednesday the IPKat heard the exciting news that the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (ITMA) had been granted a Royal Charter ...

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Study Finds Gaps In Africa-EU Health Research And Innovation Links from

CAPE TOWN, South Africa - Health research collaborations between Africa and Europe do not match up with Africa’s own stated funding intentions, says a report published by a European Union-funded project.

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WIPO Members Flirt With Agreement On WIPO Technical Assistance from

Technical assistance provided by the World Intellectual Property Organization and the United Nations agency's technology transfer-related activities were discussed at length by WIPO member governments this week. At press time on the final day ...

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Website Feedback Patent Ineligible for CBM Review from

The Board denied institution of covered business method review of a patent directed to soliciting feedback from website users under 35 U.S.C. § 101, because the petition did not establish that the ’805 patent ...

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CBM Institution Decisions Addressing Financial Product or Service from

Since inception, the PTAB has issued 345 institution decisions in CBM review proceedings, 283 of which specifically addressed whether the challenged patent was eligible for CBM review as containing at least one claim directed to ...

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Inescapable Priority Trap - T 1983/14 from

In the case T 1983/14, the patentee hat gotten into an inescapable trap situation by adding a limitation to the claim which had been disclosed in the EP application as originally filed but not ...

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