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post image The Parliamentary History of the European "Unitary Patent" from

German attorney and Certified Specialist for IP Law Ingve Stjerna is known to our readers as an alert and critical commenter of the UPC legislation process (see posts here, here, here, herehere ) and constitutional ...

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AIA Challenges Pile On, but the Federal Circuit Deflects from

By Dennis Crouch As I write about this case, I should first note Trading Technologies (TT) is a former client of mine while I was in practice at the MBHB firm (2001-2007).  I was the ...

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Biotherapeutic Medicines, A New Frontier, Face Regulatory Issues from

Biotherapeutic medicines, engineered by living organisms, have opened a promising path to treat major diseases. Near copies of these medicines, called biosimilars, are slowly coming to market, as the originator products become free of intellectual ...

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Leading US TV Operators In IP Clash With Russian TV Channels from

Leading Russian television channels, among which are First Channel, STS, Ren TV, TNT the Comedy, Nostalgia and some others, have filed a class action lawsuit related to intellectual property rights in a New York court ...

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Validated Merck patents could mean a $3B+ windfall, after appeals from

While many high-tech patents are suffering from devaluation the value of some pharmaceutical patents is soaring.   Merck & Co. won a legal victory over rival Gilead Sciences Inc. on Tuesday when a California jury upheld the ...

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Judge Robinson Rejects § 101 Challenges Against Image Scanning, Network Congestion, and Translingual Internet Search Patents from

The court denied defendant's motion for judgment on the pleadings on the ground that plaintiff’s image scanning patent encompassed unpatentable subject matter because the asserted claims were not directed toward an abstract idea ...

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Impression Cert Petition Misleads on International Patent Exhaustion Policy from

As expected, Impression Products has petitioned for Supreme Court review of the Federal Circuit's en banc decision on post-sale restrictions and international patent exhaustion. I've followed the international exhaustion issue closely: see prior ...

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Purdue Pharma loses at CAFC on appeals of IPR2014-377,378, and 379 from

Purdue Pharma L.P. (“Purdue”) appeals from the final
written decisions of the United States Patent and Trademark
Office (“PTO”) Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“the
Board”) affirming the patentability of all of the challenged ...

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