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IPO Responds to USPTO Call for Case Study Topics from

By Donald Zuhn -- In December, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office invited stakeholders to submit patent quality-related topics that they believe should be the subject of a case study as part of a new ...

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Survey: Almost half of all 2015 patent suits were filed in E.D. Texas from

The Eastern District of Texas (E.D. Tx.) is responsible for almost half of all patent suits filed in 2015, and one judge, Rodney Gilstrap, is handling 80% of the cases, 1,686 of them ...

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Ukraine To Amend Customs Code, Ratify Amendments To TRIPS from

The Ukrainian Parliament is currently drafting an amended Customs Code to introduce a number of changes to the country’s intellectual property legislation. Moreover, in mid-March, local lawmakers authorised Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko to ...

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Subsidiary’s Implied License Sufficient to Establish Standing to Sue for Lost Profits from

The magistrate judge recommended denying defendants' motion to dismiss plaintiffs' second amended complaint on the ground that the original plaintiff's wholly-owned subsidiary lacked standing. "Defendants contend that [the subsidiary] is not a licensee at ...

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Obama Administration’s Draft Source Code Policy Requires Free Software from

The Obama administration last week published a draft software source code policy that requires all government agencies to publish their custom-build software as free software for public use, according to the Free Software Foundation Europe ...

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US Officials Under Pressure To Include Industry In IP Talks With India from

The United States government has increasingly engaged India on intellectual property rights and other trade issues in recent years, and US officials are under still more pressure to include industry in this engagement and deliver ...

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Asia On The Heels Of US And Europe In Patent Applications At WIPO; Developing Countries Lagging from

China, Japan and South Korea are among the top five countries filing international patent applications at the World Intellectual Property Organization, while the United States continues to lead in patent and trademark applications. Far behind ...

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A Copy is a Copy is a Copy: Reproduction Rights In CBC v. SODRAC from

The Honourable Mr. Marshall Rothstein is a tough act to follow, especially when recounting his own majority decision. At the recent UNPACK SODRAC: Technological Change and Copyright Tariffs after CBC v SODRAC (SCC 2015) symposium ...

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Ptab only allows additional step comprising from

Takeaway: On appeal, the Applicant argued that the claim language "searching only a solutions data store" wasn't disclosed by the reference, which taught that both the "potential solutions" and the "approved fix" databases were ...

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New contributor to All Things Pros: Tyson Benson from

Last week featured a guest post by Tyson Benson. I'm pleased to announce that Tyson will be joining All Things Pros as a regular contributor. Tyson's initial focus will be the topsy-turvy world ...

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En Banc: Does a Confidential Manufacturing Supply Contract Trigger the On Sale Bar? from

by Dennis Crouch More to come on this case, but I wanted to provide readers with the filed briefs below. The Medicines Co. v. Hospira (Fed. Cir. 2016) (en banc) Briefing is now complete in ...

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More on the Myth of the Sole Inventor. Was Edison Patent Racing to the light bulb? from

Back in 2011, IPBiz had commented on Lemley's response to Katznelson in the post
Mark Lemley strikes back
, related to issues expressed in Lemley's "Myth of the Sole Inventor."

IPBiz has made several ...

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