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post image Federal Circuit: Canada Not Best Forum for Enforcing US Intellectual Property Rights from

Halo Creative & Design v. Comptoir Des Indes Inc (Fed. Cir. 2016) Halo (a Hong Kong based company) sued Comptoir (a Canadian company) in N.D. Illinois Federal Court for infringing its intellectual property rights associated ...

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Conflating §101 with §103? . . . “The Supreme Court beat you to it” from

In the recent oral argument of Priceplay v. AOL, the advocate for Priceplay noted that he did not want to conflate §101 with §103.  Judge Moore interjected that “The Supreme Court beat you to it ...

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ETSI Officials Say IPR Policy A Foundation Of Successful Telecoms Standards from

Standards developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute for industries such as the mobile communications sector are underlain by an intellectual property rights policy that has proved successful for many years, ETSI officials said at ...

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EPO Union Presses Management To Reverse President’s Disciplinary Actions from

The stand-off between European Patent Office President Benoît Battistelli and the Office's largest staff union continues this week with a 16 March SUEPO demonstration planned during a meeting of the Office's Administrative Council ...

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Need to Construe “Plain and Ordinary Meaning”? from

In 2005, the Federal Circuit established the framework for the construction of patent claim terms. In its landmark holding in Philips v. AWH Corp., the Federal Circuit stated that “words of a claim ‘are generally ...

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Network Communications Patents Not Invalid Under 35 U.S.C. § 101 from

Following an evidentiary hearing, the ALJ found that two asserted network communications patents were not invalid for lack of patentable subject matter because the claims were not directed to an abstract idea and they contained ...

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US Senators Release Comments Received On Sovaldi Drug Pricing from

Two key senators today released dozens of comments they received in response to their report on the medicine Sovaldi (and its follow-on Harvoni), whose extreme high prices sparked a debate over pharmaceutical pricing that has ...

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CAFC in Halo Creative: It is particularly important that a forum non conveniens movant demonstrate the adequacy of an alternative forum when the dispute implicates the enforcement of intellectual property rights from

Of the background of the case:

Halo Creative & Design Ltd., Halo Trademarks Ltd.,
and Halo Americas Ltd. (collectively, “Halo”), own two
U.S. design patents, thirteen U.S. copyrights, and one
U.S. common law ...

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IPBiz from

Within a legalnewsline post, one has the text

Applegate, in a recent blog post, points to Cuozzo’s opening petition to the Supreme Court, which notes that IPRs filed since the AIA’s effective date ...

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42 IP Profs: AIA Didn't Change Meaning of "On Sale" and "Public Use" in § 102 from

Mark Lemley and Rob Merges just filed a Federal Circuit amicus brief on behalf of 42 IP professors in Helsinn v. Teva, arguing that the AIA did not change the meaning of "on sale" and ...

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