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post image Are myth and metaphor the primary drivers of innovation in intellectual property law? from

It wasn't me....Are myth and metaphor the primary drivers of innovation in intellectual property law?  First, I think the answer is no (knock the straw over). However, they likely play a role in ...

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post image In Celebration of International Women's Day from

At Dunlap Codding, today, on International Women's Day, and every day, we are proud to have so many female attorneys among our ranks.  Intellectual property law firms are often dominated by men, but 47 ...

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post image Product Companies Must Modify Patent Strategy When Adopting Innovation as Business Model from

I recently finished an IP Strategy engagement with major consumer products corporation, where I interfaced with the head of New Product Development and Innovation Strategy. This company is embarking on a major shift in the ...

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Amgen files Declaratory Judgment Action against Sandoz over NEULASTA® Biosimilar from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- Last Friday, Amgen filed a declaratory judgment action in the District Court for New Jersey against Sandoz, in the latest iteration of biosimilar litigation between the parties (see complaint). Amgen's ...

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Court: Metallizing Engineering Overruled by Statute from

by Dennis Crouch Helsinn v. Dr. Reddy’s and Teva, Civ. No. 11-cv-03962 (D.N.J. March 3, 2016) [Helsinn Opinion] The district court decision in this case is focused on the medical marijuana substitute ...

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As South Sudan Joins East African Community, Some Experts Worry Over Its IP Laws from

NAIROBI, Kenya -- Experts and activists are raising concern over the lack of proper intellectual property laws in South Sudan, as the world’s newest nation’s admission into the East Africa Community (EAC) spurs anticipation ...

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ICANN Meeting In Marrakesh: More Hiccups On Way To IANA Transition from

The 55th meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in Marrakesh this week is expected to finalise the last proposal necessary for the transition of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA ...

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Proposed Construction of “Plain Meaning” Must Indicate Whether Opposing Construction Falls Within Scope of Plain Meaning from

The court granted defendants' motion to compel plaintiffs to provide further claim construction briefing in a case involving drug patents. Plaintiffs' proposed construction for each term was "plain meaning" and plaintiffs refused to comment on ...

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First salvos in the CRISPR patent interference battle from

A post at the SCIENCE website about the CRISPR patent battle includes text about recent filings at the USPTO by the competing parties; of the Doudna folks:

That argument, in the UC filing, hinges on ...

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James Daily: An Empirical Analysis of Some Proponents and Opponents of Patent Reform from

In 2015, two opposing groups of legal and economic scholars sent open letters to Congress.  The first group argued for patent reforms based upon empirical evidence indicating “that the net effect of patent litigation is ...

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WHO: Zika Virus Spreading, R&D Needs Financing, Sample Sharing Discussed from

The World Health Organization said today that evidence of the relationship between the Zika virus and neonatal malformations and neurological disorders is growing stronger. The Emergency Committee set up by the WHO at a gathering ...

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UN Global Dialogue On Innovation And Access To Medicines This Week from

The United Nations Secretary General’s High-Level Panel on Access to Medicines is holding a global dialogue this month, attended by governments, civil society, industry and academia, to discuss potential solutions to promote innovation and ...

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Gilead Solvaldi Case Reveals Patent-Health Fissures In India from

NEW DELHI -- Are patient groups, health activists and manufacturers of low-cost generic drugs always on the same page? Do India’s generic companies think alike? The short answer: not necessarily, though their interests have overlapped ...

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