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post image OLG Munich: YouTube not liable for damages for hosting copyright infringing content from

In a decision of 28 January 2016, the Oberlandesgericht Munich, like the first instance court before it, held that YouTube is not liable for financial damages for hosting copyright infringing videos.

Plaintiff was the German ...

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post image The UK Implements the Unitary Patent - Statutory Instrument passed from

This Kat reported on the publication of the draft Statutory Instrument that will implement the Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court in UK law, with a promise of a detailed report later.  As a quick ...

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post image No strict liability for infringement in online advertising, says the CJEU from

Having your own advertising spread all around the internet is every company's dream. A dream that might become less pleasant, though, if that advertising starts infringing another company's trade mark and you can ...

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post image How much? Full-time UPC judges will earn €132,000 - €144,000 net a year from

Merpel contemplating her next career move...Following last week's Preparatory Committee meeting where the topics of opt-out and court fees were agreed (see post here), comes news that the judicial salaries for full-time Unified ...

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post image The Publishers of Baby Blue Throw Caution to the Wind to Bring Legal Citation into the Public Domain from

NYU Law School professor Chris Sprigman, Carl Malamud of, and students at NYU Law School2 are offering a new, open-source citation system named Baby Blue that they claim will bring legal citation into ...

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post image Thursday Tart from

Looking for ...Looking for an IP event to attend? Spring is fast approaching and there is nothing better than locking yourself in a room to listen to some IP presentations and discussions to enjoy it ...

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SCOTUS Oral Argument Recording: Halo v. Pulse from

The Supreme Court heard oral argument in the combined proceedings of Halo Electronics, Inc. v. Pulse Electronics, Inc. et al. and Stryker Corp. et al. v. Zimmer, Inc. et al. last week.  I have broken ...

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Does the "Notice of Commercial Marketing" Provision in the BPCIA Stand Alone? -- Amgen v. Apotex Case Preview from

By Andrew Williams -- According to the Federal Circuit website, the appeal from the Amgen Inc. v. Apotex Inc. case will be argued on April 4, 2016 in Courtroom 402. This case is an appeal from ...

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What did Lexmark v. Impression Products change about U.S. patent law? from

Actually, not much.  However, it did resolve a controversy that was brewing after two Supreme Court decisions called into question whether selling a patented article outside the United States would exhaust the patent holder’s ...

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US Patent Applicants Heading to the EPO from

By Dennis Crouch At the recent Mizzou-USPTO symposium there was some discussion about whether the European Patent Office (EPO) has positioned itself as a more favorable patent venue than the US.  Most practitioners will agree ...

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IEEE Patent Policy Changes Seek To Put Brakes On Surging Litigation from

Intense debate, reignited by a 2012 International Telecommunication Union roundtable on rampant patent litigation and the “innovation-stifling” use of intellectual property, together with the growing lack of standards bodies' patent policies, prompted the IEEE Standards ...

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Google and Oracle Ordered to Show Cause Why Google User Data and Social Media Should Not be Used to Research Jury from

The court ordered the parties to show cause why it should not ban them from accessing user accounts or conducting Internet searches of potential or actual jurors prior to a verdict. "[I]t appears to ...

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European Patents Rising; EPO President Denies Retirement Package from

BRUSSELS -- Patents applications are on the rise in Europe the European Patent Office President Benoît Battistelli said today, with half of the applications coming from European inventors. The United States led followed by Germany, and ...

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The European cookie paste wars: blog post kills patent from

One of the biggest selling products at Trader Joe's is speculoos cookie butter. There is an interesting patent story behind the general "cookie butter" product, involving a Belgian patent and an invalidation thereof based ...

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Federal Circuit: standard computer components do not transform covered business method into a “technological invention” from

A recent Federal Circuit decision boosts a broad definition for the term “covered business method” as used in the context of the America Invents Act (AIA). As a result, a wider variety of patents may ...

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Design patent owner loses in Wallace v. IdeaVillage at CAFC in appeal from DNJ from

Egyptian Goddess was cited to thwart design patent owner in Wallace v. IdeaVillage.


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