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post image Trademark Board Eliminates CARBON ELIMINATOR Application from

In yet another example of eco-mark applicants struggling with descriptiveness, a trademark application for CARBON ELIMINATOR for a “non-chemical enzyme fuel additive” recently went down as merely descriptive of the goods. After the Examining Attorney ...

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post image Never too late: if you missed the IPKat last week from

Did you miss the IPKat last week? Don’t worry because - as usual - our dear friend and colleague Alberto Bellan is back with his Never Too Late feature, now on its 85th edition.
Here ...

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post image The IPKat team: news, new arrivals and farewells from

Merpel is getting ready for the promise of a new season of IP bloggingWith Spring fast approaching [yay!] the IPKat is also embracing the impending season of renewal and growth with exciting announcements on ...

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FTC Issues Report on ANDA Settlement Agreements from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- In January, the Federal Trade Commission issued a report on the terms of settlement agreements between branded and generic drug companies in ANDA litigation under the Hatch-Waxman Act, according to the ...

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Receipt of Marketing Materials Does Not Establish Attorney-Client Relationship Warranting Disqualification of Counsel from

The court denied defendant's motion to disqualify plaintiff's counsel and rejected defendant's argument that defendant was a current client. "Although there is no allegation that [counsel] performed any legal work for [defendant ...

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PTAB reverse 103 predictable does not explain why from

Takeaway: The Applicant appealed an obviousness rejection of claims to a currency trading user interface, including the feature "determine a currency in which to quote skew for each of the risk reversals." The Examiner relied ...

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Plagiarism among medical residency applicants continues from

In 2015, IPBiz had a post titled Plagiarism continues unabated in -business school admissions essays , giving evidence that there was evidence of continued plagiarism of business school admissions essays.

The same problem seems to plague ...

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Judge SCHALL dissents in Blue Calpyso v GroupOn; raises points about inherent anticipation from

Judge SCHALL dissenting in Blue Calypso:

I respectfully dissent from Part II. For
the reasons set forth below, I believe the Board erred in
finding claims 2–15, 20–23, and 29 of U.S ...

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District court finding of indefniniteness reversed by CAFC in ULTIMATEPOINTER from

The outcome:

UltimatePointer, LLC (“UltimatePointer”) appeals
from a final judgment in favor of Nintendo Co., Ltd. and
Nintendo of America, Inc. (collectively, “Nintendo”) after
the district court granted summary judgment (1) that
Nintendo did not ...

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