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A Review of 2015 Green Patent Suits Filed from

A summary review of green patent complaints filed in 2015 reveals that LED and Smart Grid technologies were the primary areas of dispute. Complaints filed in 2015 in areas such as biofuels, hybrid vehicles, and ...

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Status Quo For WIPO Committee On Genetic Resources; Dialogue Ongoing To Unlock It from

The amiable mood which prevailed at the outset of the World Intellectual Property Organization committee on genetic resources and traditional knowledge meeting did not hold as negotiations on language of a potential treaty text to ...

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Plaintiff’s Decision To Sue Customers Instead of Suppliers Does Not Warrant Attorney Fee Award from

Following remand, the court again denied defendant's motion for attorney fees under 35 U.S.C. § 285 because plaintiff's litigation tactics were not exceptional. "[Defendant] emphasizes that [plaintiff] filed 70 infringement actions across ...

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Federal Circuit Again Revives Zoltek Case: Who Invented Stealth Technology from

By Dennis Crouch Zoltek Corp. v. US (Fed. Cir. 2016) The interesting and long-running Zoltek case has received another decision from the Federal Circuit – this time reversing the Court of Federal Claims ruling that Zoltek ...

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"60 Minutes" discusses federal government error in formaldehyde/Lumber Liquidators matter from

At the end of "60 Minutes" on 21 Feb. 2016, there was mention of a correction made by the CDC to its earlier
report on the amount of formaldehyde being released from certain flooring being ...

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The winners write the history! from

See text in The Scientist on a criticism of Mendelian genetics by Walter Frank Raphael Weldon:

Weldon also took a hard statistical look at Mendel’s data, and the analysis only added to his suspicion ...

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CAFC on Acco Brands v. Fellowes from

The outcome:

This case arises from an inter partes reexamination
that ACCO Brands Corporation (ACCO) sought—and the
Patent and Trademark Office instituted—against a patent
owned by Fellowes, Inc. (Fellowes). After the examiner
rejected ...

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CAFC affirms ND Cal in Nuance v. ABBYY from

Of the case

This case involves optical character recognition
(“OCR”) technology. Nuance Communications Inc. (“Nuance”)
sued ABBYY USA Software House, Inc., ABBYY
Software, Ltd., ABBYY Production LLC, and Lexmark
International, Inc. (collectively, “ABBYY”) in the ...

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CAFC vacates PTAB decision in case involving US 8,323,060, IPR2013- 00342 from

PPC Broadband, Inc. appeals from the United States
Patent and Trademark Office’s Patent Trial and Appeal
Board’s (“Board”) final written decision in an inter partes
review (“IPR”) concluding that claims 10–25 of ...

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US Congressional Hearing On WIPO Accountability This Week from

Several subcommittees of the United States Congress have scheduled a joint hearing this week on accountability and possible mistreatment of staff and whistleblowers at the UN World Intellectual Property Organization. The witness list for the ...

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A Look Back at the Public Hearings on Use of the Patent System to Protect Software-Related Inventions from

Over the weekend, I was looking through my copy of Gregory Stobbs’ excellent book “Software Patents.”  In Appendix A (at least in my old copy of the book) he has a copy of the proceedings ...

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