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post image Thursday Thingies from

OHIM has announced the opening of the entry period for DesignEuropa Awards 2016. All designs entered must be valid Registered Community Designs (RCD).  The award is in partnership with the Italian IP office, UIBM and ...

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post image Can GIFs infringe copyright? In Europe the answer is potentially 'yes' from

Facebook GIF buttonThanks to Katfriend and scholar Martin Husovec (Tilburg University) this Kat has become aware that, after Facebook, also Twitter is on the move to introduce a dedicated GIF button (although for the ...

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post image EPO appoints new Chief Economist from

The EPO has announced the appointment of its new Chief Economist, Yann Ménière.

According to the press release:
Yann Ménière, EPO photo
"Yann Ménière is professor of economics on leave from MINES ParisTech, where he ...

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post image N.D. of California finds Prosecution Estoppel Based on IPR from

In a recent decision, the Northern District of California decided that a patent owner’s submissions in an inter partes review constituted a prosecution disclaimer for claim construction purposes. Ann Robl

In a recent decision ...

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post image Katcall for new positions in the IPKat team from

The IPKat is pleased to announce a new and exciting opportunity for aspiring community bloggers!  Considering the running of the IPKat blog in the future, the IPKat team is proposing to create a new role ...

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Motivation Innovations, LLC v. Petsmart, Inc. (D. Del. 2016) from

Coupon Patent Easily Found Invalid under § 101 By Joseph Herndon -- On January 12, 2016, the District Court for the District of Delaware issued an opinion in a case captioned Motivation Innovations, LLC v. Petsmart, Inc ...

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PTAB: Action involving license agreement does not grant standing to file petition for covered business method review from

A covered business method (CBM) review is a tool that the America Invents Act (AIA) created to allow entities charged with infringement of a CBM patent to challenge the patent’s validity. A recent decision ...

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Apple to Supreme Court: Samsung litigation 'may be high-profile, [but] it is legally unexceptional' from

Apple has just responded to Samsung's mid-December petition for writ of certiorari (request for Supreme Court review) regarding two legal questions concerning design patents and, in the same document, to amicus curiae ("friend of ...

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Magnitude of Nexus Goes to Weight, Not Admissibility, of Copying Evidence from

The court overruled defendants' objection to the magistrate judge's ruling allowing evidence of copying and rejected their argument that the magistrate judge failed to consider the magnitude of the nexus between the alleged copying ...

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200 Companies, Organisations Worldwide Promote Stronger Encryption from

Nearly 200 organisations, companies and others from 42 countries have signed an open letter to the international community demanding that stronger encryption tools be allowed to be developed and used. The letter describes encryption tools ...

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China Continues High Growth In IP Filing from

Sheer intellectual property filings may not be the only or even best measure of innovation, but they are a closely watched economic indicator. Using what data it has, the World Intellectual Property Organization recently touted ...

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Six Hundred Million Dollars from

The E.D. Texas is out with a $600,000,000+ jury verdict against Apple in favor of VirnetX.  (VirnetXVerdict). Interesting, after the huge verdict bump, the market cap for the company is $250.9M ...

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Strictly Construing Amended Claims Against the Patentee from

by Dennis Crouch In Cioffi v. Google, the Federal Circuit sided with the patentee, Cioffi — holding that the district court erred in its construction of the asserted patent claims and thus vacated the holdings non-infringement ...

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An Alternate History of the Web & Copyright Law from

I've been enjoying Walter Isaacson's The Innovators, a history of computers and the Internet. As with any book related to innovation, I've been interested in the importance (or non-importance) of patents for ...

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